STATSCORE’s year of hyper-growth

It’s been a year since a new era in STATSCORE’s history started, triggered by the company’s acquisition by LSports – a year marked by incredible growth, fresh talent inflow, and rapid product development!

Boost in product offering and soaring revenues

The last twelve months have seen remarkable growth in STATSCORE’s products and in the scope of sports data we provide. These included:

  • unveiling low latency play-by-play cricket coverage, along with exhaustive live and pre-game cricket widgets,
  • introduction of a new BetBooster widget that helps inspire wagers, seamlessly integrated into PrematchPro and LivematchPro trackers to have as much value as possible within just a single integration,
  • launch of new levels of in-depth player data for major team sports like the NBA or German Bundesliga,
  • global expansion of low latency football data feeds coverage, including LatAm and Asia with the largest increases,
  • new monetization features added to our products,
  • extension of official sports data deals with a number of competitions,
  • new product features, such as probable lineups or missing players’ head-ups,
  • more localization options with languages such as Hindi and Arabic,

and so much more!

The start of our shared journey with LSports was very challenging, especially with the year’s conclusion on the horizon. We had to act fast, with consistency and precision. It was time-consuming and exhausting but from the perspective of time, it was so much worth it! – says Dariusz Łęczyński, STATSCORE’s CEO

We’re proud to see that these new developments have helped us win the trust of multiple distinguished partners and customers, which resulted in an impressive 48,2% YoY increase in revenues

But that’s not all, later this year we are preparing to unveil another groundbreaking product, primed to make waves in the industry! Stay tuned!

Fresh talent fueling our development

The rapid growth of STATSCORE would never be possible without the people who have been building the company for so many years. It’s through their day-to-day efforts that STATSCORE has been able to develop its position as one of the world’s most renowned sports data providers. 

The development of our products and the growing scope of data demands that we keep growing in terms of employees. During the last year, STATSCORE has increased employment by 26% (with a remarkable 52% in R&D teams). We’ve been happy to welcome a number of people (and we’re still looking for more!) whose enthusiasm and dedication have become one of the driving forces behind the company’s progress.

STATSCORE is a strong partner for your business

Through all these factors, as well as thanks to our synergic cooperation with our friends from LSports, in the last 12 months, STATSCORE has positioned itself as a true leader in the world of sports data. 

Cutting all the irrelevant costs and closing non-performing projects helped us focus on what really matters product-, customer- and people-wise. In just one year we’ve become stronger in every possible area. We got lighter, faster, and more hungry. And all of this in an environment that any company in the world could envy us. Seeing people who once left us, wanting to join back is one of the strongest indicators of the growth and satisfaction path we re-entered. Hard to imagine it’s been a year already, but all of this could have happened only because of the extraordinary collaborative approach of our friends at LSports. And there is still so much ahead of us! – adds Dariusz Łęczyński.

We’re more than sure that the upcoming year will bring us even more positive changes, which will further prove that STATSCORE is a trustworthy and dependable partner for all kinds of sports enterprises.

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