STATSCORE Team’s festive gathering wraps up triumphat year!

The STATSCORE holiday meeting is not only an opportunity to celebrate together but also a good time to further integrate our wonderful team and spend joyful moments together.

This year’s event was special in many ways.

🥳 We took stock of our achievements, changes, and our amazing growth in terms of products, tools, and the team.

🎁 We received practical and comfortable company gifts.

🏆 We awarded prizes for sports competitions in the Cycling and Running&Walking events.

🤝 First and foremost, it was an opportunity to strengthen our relationships and get to know each other better, as we have grown significantly and now have a community of over 100 people in Katowice. We are delighted to have met 80 of them.

🤩 We experienced our invaluable team spirit, thanks to which work becomes not a burden, but a source of pleasure (and for many, a passion).

We believe that this unique atmosphere will inspire and energize us throughout the coming year. May it bring us as much success, shared joy, and unforgettable moments as we have experienced this year.

STATSCORE wishes you a prosperous New Year 2024!