STATSCORE took part in 4Developers event in Katowice. It was fantastic – and we want more!

The networking event took place in Katowice on October 5.

Our blue duckies were a true hit of the event, and not only for developers!

We prepared 2 contests for the participants:

  • “Daily Plank” – 5 brave souls took up the challenge, and two players won the prize ex aequo – congratulations once again! We recommend “Daily Plank” for everyday use in your projects. We congratulate the two players who endured for over 6 minutes!

  • “Become a Scout Controller of a Match” contest showed the participants how we collect sports data here (through our app) and that it’s not as easy as it may seem! Congratulations to the winners who were the best and fastest at catching all the data.

Sławek delved deeper (technically) into this topic during the “From Websockets to Queues – probably the first implementation interface swap in the world” lecture.

Our 11-person team had a great time. We met cool people, spent many hours in interesting conversations, and gave away blue duckies, pens with balls, funny stickers, picnic blankets, and many other gadgets and prizes.

We already have new ideas for contests and spending a nice time at upcoming IT events! Stay tuned!

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