Put your brand in the spotlight with LivematchPro new ad options!

STATSCORE LivematchPro offers a range of options for your business to showcase your and your partner’s ads, banners, and logos throughout live coverage of thousands of sporting events.  

Company logo in live sports coverage

Boost your brand visibility, put your partners and sponsors in the spotlight, and direct users to your offer with LivematchPro’s smart ad placement options!

The ability to show logos, banners, and advertisements during live data coverage creates fresh avenues for monetization, allowing your business to tap into the appeal of specific sports events. 

Here are three key options in which you can do it with LivematchPro:

  • Logo or ad overlayed on the field visualization where real-time game events are displayed. This feature is available across fourteen sports (including football, basketball, baseball, and tennis).

  • Advertising materials in a box showing key statistics and scores. This section is visible to users before and after the match and during breaks, such as halftime.

  • Content placed on advertising boards. This way of showcasing banners with ads or logos consists in displaying them on banners placed under the visualization of the field, court, or ballpark, where the action is taking place.

The latter two options allow you to employ clickable content, through which you can redirect your users, bettors or sports fans to specific (internal or external) pages. For example, you can direct them straight to your fresh betting offer, your media service dedicated to selected events, or to a website of your advertising partners or their special offers.


In-play live sports data visualizations



It goes without saying that LivematchPro is a highly attractive place to have your advertising contents published. It catches users’ attention with dynamic sports visualizations, and captivates them with real-time stats and data. Moreover, this outstanding live match widget is highly customizable to fit your website’s look and feel! 

Don’t miss the opportunity to make it work for your revenue. Check out STATSCORE LivematchPro now!

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