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Women’s Handball Championship enters final stages with ScoutsFeed data coverage

As the tension builds towards the ultimate handball showdown at the Jyske Bank Boxen in Herning, STATSCORE’s Scouts have been at the forefront, providing extensive real-time coverage throughout the tournament. Live data, pre-match insights, and detailed player and team statistics are available through ScoutsFeed, LivematchPro, and PrematchPro.

  • STATSCORE’s ScoutsFeed and sports widgets deliver comprehensive Live data coverage for World Women’s Handball Championship, which is now entering its final stages
  • Data includes detailed insights into player and team performance, which translate directly into sources of revenue for sportsbooks and media outlets covering this outstanding event.
  • In-depth data powering up betting offers and media coverage includes metrics such as goal efficiency, penalties (goals, saved, missed), shots (on target, off target, saved), and goalkeeper efficiency. 


Real-time handball data to benefit sportsbooks and sports media

The ongoing World Women’s Handball Championship, hosted by Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, has reached its final and most exciting stage, featuring only eight elite teams out of the initial 32 participants. 

STATSCORE’s ScoutsFeed, a leading source for live data coverage, has played a pivotal role in bringing the championship’s action to life. The platform offers detailed insights into player and team performance to enhance both the media coverage of the event, as well as sportsbooks’ betting offerings.


Ultra-fast handball data



ScoutsFeed coverage includes comprehensive player statistics regarding goals, shots, penalties, suspensions, cards (red, yellow, blue), and more. 

For team data coverage, the platform offers a wide range of information on aspects such as goal efficiency, penalty efficiency (goals, saved, missed), shots (on target, off target, saved), and goalkeeper efficiency

Gripping LIVE visualisations, hints, and stats delivered through STATSCORE’s widgets

To make the experience of handball fans and bettors even better, STATSCORE’s widgets provide even more ways to keep them engaged and entertained.

PrematchPro provides in-depth pre-game statistics and trends, covering everything from player streaks to head-to-head comparisons. Grab the attention of handball fans before the match even begins with a wealth of key insights and information.


Advanced pre-match data



Then, when the game starts, LivematchPro takes the central stage with its captivating live tracking powered with instant data

Make sure your users are on top of every goal, throw, and penalty as the game unfolds. The live updates create an immersive experience, bringing the excitement of the handball court directly to users’ fingertips. 


In-play live sports data visualizations



To further amplify user engagement, the integrated BetBooster offers an advanced solution tailored to betting businesses.

This feature goes the extra mile by providing handball hints and tips, inspiring more wagers and encouraging active participation in the experience among the bettors as well as the media audience.

It’s a win-win for both handball enthusiasts, betting businesses, and media – creating a more dynamic and interactive environment.

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