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Revving up speedway engagement with STATSCORE’s upgraded live trackers!

Right ahead of the start of one of the world’s most renowned speedway leagues, the Polish Speedway Ekstraliga, STATSCORE introduces a suite of enhanced trackers and widgets ready to redefine the motorsport experience for your fans and bettors!

With a focus on delivering real-time insights, dynamic visualizations, and comprehensive data coverage, STATSCORE’s LivematchPro speedway tracker, PrematchPro stats, and a set of StatsWidgets are here to boost fan engagement for sportsbooks and sports media outlets covering this exciting motorsport!

Bringing speedway action to life with LivematchPro

At the heart of STATSCORE’s offerings lies LivematchPro, a cutting-edge tracker designed to provide your motorsports fans and bettors with a front-row seat to the excitement of the track. 

Offering lightning-fast updates and dynamic visualizations, LivematchPro captures the pulse-pounding action of speedway racing, heat by heat.

From monitoring rider performance to tracking heat results and standings, LivematchPro delivers real-time speedway insights that keep fans informed and engaged throughout the event. 

With its beautifully visualized track and customizable features, STATSCORE’s flagship product offers a truly immersive experience that brings the thrill of speedway racing to life like never before!

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Pre-race speedway data, H2H comparisons, and many more insights available!

For fans and bettors seeking to dive deeper into the pre-race action, STATSCORE offers PrematchPro, a comprehensive widget that provides speedway results, detailed statistics, head-to-head comparisons, and lineup information

Whether they’re analyzing historical data, assessing team matchups, or making informed betting decisions, PrematchPro allows you to offer your users key insights to keep them engaged and entertained! 

Moreover, the data is also available through a range of other speedway widgets designed to enhance the fan experience

From keeping fans up-to-date on upcoming events with the Events widget to tracking standings and exploring historical rivalries with the Standings and H2H widgets, STATSCORE’s set of speedway data products ensures that fans have access to the information they need to fully immerse themselves in the world of speedway racing.

Boost your coverage with speedway live stats and data!

STATSCORE’s speedway trackers and widgets are a valuable asset for sportsbooks and media companies looking to attract and engage their audience

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