LivematchPro, ScoreFrame

What’s the cost?

Working with Customer Success Team, this must be the most asked question. No matter who your are talking to, and what they are interested in, eventually, you will hear the words “what’s the cost”!

I have to admit that before I worked at STATSCORE, I felt the same when I asked this question and I was told that they needed more information, or could I tell them why I was interested in “said product” and could I take your full name. My first reaction was always, I just need the price, how does my name affect that?

Now I work on the other side of the fence and I’m a lot kinder when I’m looking for information these days. When asked about prices for 2 of our most popular solutions LivematchPro and ScoreFrame, there are a possible 10-20 answers!!!! Depending on what you need.  Here at STATSCORE we try to offer a package to suit all potential customers and fit all budgets.


This is our award nominated live sports trackers. “What’s the cost” I hear you say! Well sir/madam, LivematchPro is sold by event and you have a choice of:

  1. a single event
  2. 500 events
  3. 1000 events
  4. 5000 events
  5. the full package

I could go on, but I won’t, I’m sure you get the idea and you may want to decide what you need by sport! And not events “I just need trackers for “Soccer” or “American Football”. Did you know there’s 16 sports to choose from?


A great stand alone solution that will provide you with livescores and a mountain of statistics. “The cost” Well, would you like the price for ScoreFrame of ScoreFrame Exclusive? “What’s the difference?”

This link will provide answers to that question.

Or maybe you need a price for a single sport?

If this wasn’t enough variables, we still need to take into account how many domains you have, or how many brands, plus the level of customization you may require.

o please, next time you ask “What’s the cost” be gentle with us when we ask for more information!