STATSCORE’s SportsAPI unleashes the power of data with 40k events monthly across 30+sports!

For anyone in the sports industry, it goes without saying that you simply can’t have a successful betting business without a high-quality source of data and statistics. STATSCORE’s SportsAPI has been developed to provide sportsbooks with the most reliable data in the market, empowering them to elevate their business to new heights. 

  • SportsAPI provides stats and historical data for 30+ sports and 40,000 events monthly from around the globe. And the numbers keep growing!
  • Diversified sports data coverage includes sports from soccer to cricket, and from Formula 1 to volleyball
  • Unified data structure and PULL/PUSH delivery methodologies for seamless integration and timely updates.

Choosing the most appropriate and reliable sports API solution is a key step for sportsbooks. The key factors that should be considered certainly include the scope of data coverage and range of pre-game, and post-game statistics, the accuracy of the data, the flexibility of the provider’s offer as well as the level of user support and documentation. All of these features have been taken into account when developing STATSCORE’s SportsAPI.


What scope of data is available through SportsAPI?

Comprehensive range of sports covered with API is a key factor for creating a successful sportsbook offer. It should encompass a wide scope of options, including the most popular ones, as well as more niche disciplines. That’s exactly the approach employed when developing our SportsAPI, the solution that allows sportsbooks to get access to top sports data across 30+ sports

These include the world’s most beloved ones, such as football (soccer ), basketball, baseball, cricket, American football, tennis, and ice hockey, as well as the less mainstream selection of table tennis, snooker, or ski jumping

Diversity is key to ensuring your customers stay consistently informed and engaged. This principle is applied to each covered sport, resulting in comprehensive data coverage for specific leagues, teams, and players.

What are the key benefits of SportsAPI?

STATSCORE’s cutting-edge solutions provide a wide range of in-depth stats and data through a meticulous process overseen by our team of highly skilled professional scouts.

This outstanding solution stands as the driving force behind sportsbooks, delivering a wide scope of data with exceptional speed and precision

 This enables sportsbooks to:

  • enhance betting odds with access to reliable and accurate data;
  • fuel and optimize betting solutions;
  • boost their website with a wide range of stats and data;
  • attract and maintain users looking for top-quality insights.


Wide and reliable sports data



Flexible and fully supported API for sportsbooks

At STATSCORE, we make sure to provide sportsbooks with the exact data they really need, allowing you to meticulously choose the specific levels of statistics for each sport that is in line with your requirements. This flexibility ensures that you only pay for the exact statistics you need, eliminating any unnecessary costs for additional data. With four distinct packages available, from the most basic to the highly sophisticated packages, the choice is entirely yours. 

Under the selected plan, STATSCORE’s partners get access to our extensive database, packed with pre-match and post-match data content, including thousands of stats per season, competition, specific teams and players. 

Moreover, STATSCORE makes sure that the integration processes are as easy and seamless as possible by providing up-to-date technical documentation and sample codes. And in case of any issues, our dedicated support team is available to help you!

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