STATSCORE widgets upgraded with advanced pre-game lineup data

STATSCORE keeps enhancing our sports widgets to offer even wider and more accurate data. This time, our team squad info has been upgraded in three vital widgets: PrematchPro, LivematchPro, and Lineups. 

Lineups data in widgets: a comprehensive view of squad information

Lineup data, included in STATSCORE’s key widgets, delivers in-depth information on team squads, player names, team formations, and player positions on the field or court, including starting lineups, substitute players, and coaches.

The data in this scope is accessible through three key widgets, PrematchPro, LivematchPro, and Lineups, and is the source of information for the world’s most followed team sports, such as football (soccer), basketball, American football, cricket, baseball, volleyball, ice hockey, handball, and futsal.

Now, the data available in the lineup section has been broadened to include the “Will Not Play” section, which gathers crucial data on the players who will not take part in the upcoming game, and the reasons for their absence, such as federation decisions, coach decisions, injuries, or disqualifications.

This valuable information is meticulously collected by teams of highly qualified STATSCORE scouts.

Please note that the lineup data is provided for events on specific levels of STATSCORE coverage plans

Enhanced squad data for bookmakers, media, and fans

This upgrade caters to the needs of bookmakers, sports media, and fans by offering a smart solution that delivers key data on team squad details, which is crucial for understanding team dynamics and potential match outcomes.

For those who want to bet on an upcoming match, the up-to-date knowledge on which players may miss the game (due to injuries, suspensions, or for other reasons) is a key insight likely to influence their decision. 


In-play live sports data visualizations




Advanced pre-match data



For those who follow online sports media, looking for a deeper understanding of their favorite teams’ strategies and potential strengths and weaknesses, the upgraded lineups section will collect key squad data in one place.

Providing such insights sets the stage for a more engaged sports experience for all fans and bettors.

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