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Baseball betting transformed with advanced ScoutsFeed data and BetBooster AI hints

Extension of advanced player and team statistics into STATSCORE ScoutsFeed’s baseball coverage heralds an era of unprecedented user engagement for sportsbooks and sports media. To take it even further,  our BetBooster’s AI-powered baseball hints are here to drive wagering activity to the next level! 

Advanced baseball stats and data in STATSCORE ScoutsFeed

ScoutsFeed stands as a beacon of baseball data innovation, furnishing precise and dependable data for America’s favourite pastime, delivered through secure low-latency channels. And as the MLB season looms closer, these baseball stats and data just got better!

Going beyond crucial baseball events – ranging from balls, strikes, outs, hits, and strikeouts, to runs, swings and misses, and fouls – the advanced player and team statistics will now include a deeper dive into player analytics. ScoutsFeed advanced player metrics will deliver data on pitcher stats, data on sacrifice flies, wild pitches, innings pitched, batting averages, flyouts, hits allowed, home runs, and runs allowed, among others.

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This solution provides sportsbooks with ultra-fast scouting data but also fortifies their operations with bet-start and bet-stop alerts, ensuring a top level of business security. Major League Baseball player statistics and team data have never been better!

But the innovation doesn’t end there. Apart from the amazing MLB scores, standings, and all kinds of baseball betting stats, STATSCORE provides you with unique user engagement and retention solutions!

AI-powered insights for top baseball betting experience

STATSCORE BetBooster, armed with AI to enhance user engagement and drive wagering activity, is here to provide you with sets of actionable hints seamlessly integrated into your sportsbook’s platform.

BetBooster catalyzes informed betting decisions with contextually triggered markets such as:

  • Match Winner – by analysing team form, MLB live stats, pitcher performance, and historical matchups, we offer crucial insights into potential outcomes.
  • Asian Handicap – leveraging detailed player and team statistics to provide your users with actionable hints.
  • Under/Over Runs (including Total, Home Team, and Away Team) – whether a game is likely to be a high-scoring or low-scoring affair, your bettors can feel encouraged to build their wagering strategies with confidence.
  • 1st/2nd/3rd, etc. Inning Winner – each inning offers new opportunities to boost bettors’ activity with detailed MLB stats, hints and insights.
  • Under/Over Runs in 1st/2nd/3rd inning – anticipating scoring patterns of individual innings is yet another way to keep your players entertained and involved!

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Boost your business with STATSCORE’s baseball stats and insights

The extension of baseball data coverage with more player and team statistics, coupled with the growth of BetBooster’s baseball insights, provides your sports business with an outstanding opportunity to better engage and entertain your users.

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