Cricket AI revolution: BetBooster fuels the passion and sportsbooks’ profits

Cricket, a sport that transcends borders and ignites global fervor, now enters a new era of fan engagement and sportsbook success with the extraordinary possibilities of STATSCORE BetBooster. Right on time for the upcoming Indian Premier League season!

Cricket data widgets powered with BetBooster

Picture this: millions of cricket fans, not passively watching, but actively engaged in a betting experience fueled by cutting-edge AI

Every ball, every run, every wicket throughout the exciting cricket season pulsating with informed anticipation – and readiness to move straight to a bet! 

This is the power of BetBooster, a secret weapon for unlocking fan engagement and maximizing profits in the electrifying world of cricket betting.

Now you can benefit from STATSCORE cricket data even more, with integrated cricket hints – right at the moment when the world’s top Indian Premier League is gearing back for action!

How do cricket betting hints work in BetBooster?

Predicting the toss winner? Most six-hitters? Match winner? Man of the match? BetBooster engages fans with actionable insights, igniting their competitive spirit and keeping them glued to the action.

It leverages the magic of AI to transform cricket betting into a data-driven adventure. 

Here’s one of the hints options in action, covering the Bangladesh Premier League game:

The product provides advanced betting suggestions for the game’s 10 critical cricket betting markets:

  • Match winner
  • Under/Over Runs
  • Under/Over Wickets 
  • To Score Most 4s
  • To Score Most 6s
  • To Win the Toss
  • 1st Wicket Method
  • Under/Over 4s
  • Under/Over 6s
  • Man of the Match

This unique sports hints solution, which can be smoothly integrated into STATSCORE’s cricket widgets, has been designed to keep fans engaged with each and every one of the games.

Top data coverage is available in a range of STATSCORE products, including the renowned sports widgets:

  • LivematchPro – live ball-by-ball updates, detailed stats, and wicket alerts delivered at lightning speed in visually stunning ways.
  • PrematchPro – in-depth statistics, insightful trends, and historical head-to-head comparisons.

BetBooster is here to provide you with hints for 60+ cricket competitions worldwide, including the top-level Indian Premier League and Big Bash League, as well as hundreds of less-followed leagues!

Check out STATSCORE’s BetBooster!

Integrated with betslips and highly customizable sports hints!

We understand that every sportsbook has its unique style and audience. That’s why BetBooster doesn’t come in a one-size-fits-all package

STATSCORE offers a variety of display options to perfectly integrate with your platform and maximize user engagement – this includes sliders with insights, a scrollable hint-pack, and, most excitingly – an in-tracker display option. 

BetBooster is highly customizable to let you tailor its look and style to your specific needs and branding options.

It’s currently available in 18 global languages, including English, Hindi, French, Spanish, and Chinese. 

Embrace BetBooster and rewrite the rules of fan engagement, unlocking new avenues for growth.

The future of cricket betting is here, powered by AI. Fill out the form to learn more!