Meet STATSCORE’s special Football Widgets Bundle for EURO 2024

The countdown to EURO 2024 is on, and the excitement is palpable as fans gear up to witness the continent’s finest footballing talents. For sportsbook operators, the tournament presents a golden opportunity to captivate audiences and maximize revenues. With STATSCORE’s Special Promotion on our comprehensive package of widgets, this edition promises to be a true game-changer!

As EURO 2024 draws nearer, ensuring that your sportsbook operations are 100% ready to meet the demands of eager audiences is paramount. 

That’s where STATSCORE steps in with our exclusive Football Widgets Bundle, crafted to enhance engagement and drive sportsbooks’ profits.

LivematchPro – live football data tracking for every EURO match 

At the heart of this bundle lies LivematchPro, our flagship live football tracker renowned for its unparalleled speed, accuracy, and attractive football data presentation

With its real-time match tracking, reliable statistics, and captivating visualizations, LivematchPro will deliver an immersive experience into Europe’s most prestigious tournament to keep fans and bettors on the edge of their seats.

But that’s not all! Just in time for the upcoming EURO 2024 tournament, we’re proud to unveil LivematchPro’s new feature – the Live Players Data tab. This exciting fresh section will provide real-time statistics and insights on specific players taking part in the matches.

Live Players Data tab creates new betting opportunities by allowing users to explore player-specific markets such as goals, assists, bookings, and more.

Leverage this detailed data to enhance user engagement and expand their betting options!

Check out STATSCORE’s football data!

PrematchPro – catching bettors’ attention before the match starts

Perfectly complementing LivematchPro is PrematchPro, a supreme source of pre-game football stats that will attract, engage, and entertain bettors long before the kickoff of each of the matches. 

From in-depth statistics through probable game lineups to missing player information

PrematchPro inspires users with the insights they need to make betting decisions, which translates directly into sportsbooks’ profits!

BetBooster – integrated football hints to inspire more bets

To take this to the next level, enter BetBooster an AI-driven insights service revolutionizing pre-match and live betting. 

Covering all key betting markets from the final score to corner kicks and from both teams to score to Asian handicaps, BetBooster has been designed to enhance engagement and drive wagering activity

Importantly, this insights-packed widget inspires users to quickly move to sportsbooks’ offers through smartly integrated betslips

BetBooster can be smoothly integrated with PrematchPro and LivematchPro or used as a standalone widget.

StatsFrame – keeping all key stats at arm’s length

Rounding out the Euro 2024 data bundle is StatsFrame, which provides quick access to crucial football statistics and data in the form of one scrollable widget

Offering deep insights into current trends, standings, and head-to-head comparisons, StatsFrame elevates football coverage while keeping users engaged and informed with easy navigation, without the need to switch between tabs.

Crucially, StatsFrame displays as a pop-up window, ensuring that users remain within the sportsbook’s offer without being redirected elsewhere.

Check out STATSCORE’s football data!

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Together, these 4 solutions form the ultimate Football Widgets Bundle, designed to elevate the sportsbook experience, attract and entertain bettors, and maximize revenues throughout the tournament. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your sportsbook operations and delight your audience with STATSCORE’s exclusive bundle, now available at a SPECIAL PRICE!

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