PointsInPlay – STATSCORE’s AI gamification revolution in sports business and entertainment

STATSCORE AI-powered gamification platform has been designed to not only capture your audience’s interest but also foster their engagement in outstanding ways! Find out how this trailblazing solution can boost your sports business!

  • PointsInPlay, a cutting-edge gamification solution provides new ways to boost user engagement with trivia games, sports quizzes, user rankings, and rewards for the winners.
  • STATSCORE’s state-of-the-art platform helps sportsbooks capture bettors’ attention and encourage interaction on their websites and in apps.
  • This AI-fuelled widget can also provide digital media with new avenues to monetize sports fans’ attention by engaging visitors, boosting traffic, and attracting partners.

STATSCORE unveils PointsInPlay – gamification refined with the power of AI

In an era where the sports landscape is continually evolving, sportsbooks and sports media are pushing the boundaries to deliver a more engaging, entertaining, and interactive experience for their users and players. 

PointsInPlay takes the concept of fan experience to a whole new level by integrating trivia games and quizzes into the process. This innovative approach not only attracts a diverse audience but also keeps them entertained throughout their journey.

This unique AI-powered gamification platform has been crafted to help online media and sportsbooks catch their users’ attention, boost their engagement, elevate user retention, attract higher traffic – and monetize on it.

How does PointsInPlay work?

PointsInPlay challenges fans and bettors with pre-match and live trivia questions related to upcoming and ongoing games. 

The pre-match quizzes serve as a powerful tool to catch the audience’s attention, stimulate their interest in the game, and inspire them to place bets

Importantly, this groundbreaking AI-powered widget also keeps the excitement alive during live games by offering real-time trivia questions about ongoing matches

Interactive gamification widget to engage bettors

This feature adds a layer of interactivity that is unparalleled in the world of sports consumption. Bettors can test their knowledge and make quick decisions based on the unfolding events, making the whole experience more immersive and thrilling. 

Importantly, seamless integration with betslips allows sportsbooks to redirect their users from the quizzes directly to specific wagers!


Sportsbooks can benefit from this solution by:

  • Engaging bettors and attracting them to sportsbooks’ website/platform, increases your user retention figures.
  • Integrating the trivia games with the betslips of actual markets – more betting through smartly hidden redirections for pre-match and live offers.
  • Rewarding top players to inspire interaction, win loyalty, and boost your turnover.


Winning loyalty for digital media through reward system

Understanding the importance of user retention and loyalty in the highly competitive sports media industry, STATSCORE’s PointsInPlay allows digital outlets to introduce an enticing rewards system, promotions, and exclusive incentives

This unique widget brings key benefits to online media, including:

  • Attracting sports fans and winning their attention with trivia games, quizzes, user rankings, and rewards for top users.
  • Taking advantage of new exciting entertainment options to increase online traffic, user engagement, and retention.
  • Monetizing sports fans’ attention by attracting new sponsors, partners, and advertisers.

Top football leagues covered 

PointsInPlay transforms the landscape of sports entertainment by offering an extensive variety of sports-themed quizzes and trivia games spanning the globe’s most prestigious football leagues and competitions, such as La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Serie A, Champions League, and the European Championships.

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