STATSCORE unveils enhanced NBA data at the start of new season!

With the new action-packed NBA season around the corner, STATSCORE has prepared something that will make it even more thrilling – a trove of valuable data, stats, and insights to dive into through our key products!

Get your sports business ready for basketball action!

There’s no denying that the NBA is one of the most followed sports competitions in the world. As such, it certainly generates a lot of opportunities for media, bookmakers, and all kinds of sports-related businesses!

 Let’s just take a quick look at the numbers:

  • 215 – countries and territories where NBA games are available to watch in over 50 languages.
  • 1.5 billion – likes and social media followers globally across league, team, and player platforms.
  • 18 billion – video views across NBA’s social media accounts in 2023.
  • 60% – jump in ticket sales expected for this season, with fans from 92 countries arriving (international sales go up 120%).
  • 57% of the NBA fan base in the US is interested in placing bets on the games.



New level of basketball data provided by STATSCORE

The 2023-24 season of the world’s most exciting basketball league is tipping off on October 24, and STATSCORE is all set to cover it with even richer scope of data than ever before.

Here’s what we’ve prepared!

  • STATSCORE will be covering each of the league’s regular season and play-off games to make sure you are always providing your visitors, users, and bettors with fast and reliable stats and data!

  • Wide range of team statistics will be gathered, including data on points scored, field goals made/missed/attempted, 2-point/3-point shots, free throws, assists, turnovers, steals, rebounds, and blocks.
  • Extensive player data will be collected, such as points scored by each player, their field goal attempts, shooting percentages, defensive/offensive rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, free throws, and more!
  • Data available through a range of STATSCORE products, including fast and accurate ScoutsFeed and SportsAPI, which will soon be followed with fantastic basketball visualizations in LivematchPro, and complete pre-match information in PrematchPro.


Ultra-fast live scouting data




Wide and reliable sports data



Keep sports fans and bettors engaged with STATSCORE data

For bookmakers, STATSCORE’s advanced basketball data, enriched with in-depth player statistics, will serve as an ideal tool to boost turnover and user retention during the NBA season. Keep your users up-to-date with all the key developments on the court, prevent them from straying to other data-rich sources, and offer an opportunity to translate their enthusiasm and expertise into betting decisions.

For sports media outlets, STATSCORE’s basketball solutions are a great way of collecting all critical NBA stats and data in one convenient hub. This is your avenue to empower hoops fans by providing them with comprehensive access to real-time statistics, standings, team details, and pre-match comparisons, which will soon be boosted with the spectacular visualizations of LivematchPro. Keep them informed and entertained, and they’ll be yearning for more of your reporting!

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