STATSCORE staff met to celebrate the festive season

2019 has been another great year in the history of STATSCORE. And as the holiday season draws near, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to sum it up, share plans for 2020, and – last but not least – to have a delicious dinner!

One more time we met at the Novotel hotel in Katowice to discuss our achievements, share new ideas and inspirations, make plans for 2020, and celebrate another successful year.

Sharing accomplishments and goals

We opened the meeting in the morning with some quick updates about the latest developments presented by leaders of company’s departments – HR, Scouts, Customer Success, Creative, Editors and IT teams.

Event though this last increment of the year was the shortest one, everybody still had a lot of exciting things to say. Having known how much we like to share our accomplishments and projects, Łukasz who was in charge of moderating the event, decided to put some limits on our volubility by setting up a timer! This turned out to be a great idea as it forced the speakers to provide the most concise and clear-cut account of their work.

2019 – another fantastic year for STATSCORE!

The meeting also gave us a great opportunity to sum up the whole year. STATSCORE’s CEO Tomasz Myalski took the floor to discuss the most important achievements, plans, and goals of the company. He reminded us about the mission and vision at the very core of STATSCORE, which is to help sports fans, media outlets, leagues and competitions, and betting organisations to achieve their objectives by building the biggest sports data center in the world.

Tomasz Myalski underlined the five values on which the company is built, which are passion, optimism, creativity, continuous self-development, and teamwork.

Here at STATSCORE we all believe that these values are absolutely indispensable in creating a friendly workspace, building respectful relationships, and providing the highest-class products to our clients. As we can witness from the pace at which STATSCORE is growing, this positive attitude brings great effects.

We keep developing to deliver the highest-quality sport data, which is appreciated by businesses and fans around the globe. Our team and global network of scouts is dynamically growing, as is the market’s demand for our services! Our products are already used by some of the world’s leading bookmakers, and most renowned media outlets in the world (such as Le Figaro). We are also official data providers for many professional sports leagues, and in 2019 Futsal Ekstraklasa and PGNiG Superliga (Women) joined that group.

Time to celebrate!

After all the discussions and presentations, we closed the meeting with a dinner. As always in Novotel, it was a delicious feast in a wonderful atmosphere, which reminded us once more that we had great achievements to celebrate, and wonderful conquest to plan for 2020!

We certainly have strong reasons to believe that the future looks very bright for STATSCORE.

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