LivematchPro, Use cases

LivematchPro on SSB Terminals!

It has been quite a busy period for us over the last couple of weeks. We have been trying to develop a way to display our LivematchPro solution on Self Service Betting Terminals. We have received many requests for this option to be available in betting shops. Live coverage of matches being delivered not only on websites but also in shops is a big step forward for bookmakers, no doubts about that. If you wish to win the rivalry on the streets and get customers to enter your shop instead of the one nearby, just implement our solution onto your terminals and the work is done. 

Software for self service betting terminals

Your customers can simply choose a game and then watch it live. All the live incidents and statistics will show up in real-time. We make it as real and as dynamic as possible. This is a perfect solution to encourage your clients to stay in your shop for much longer and what’s most important – give them that special desire to place a bet. That’s the way it is, LivematchPro does this!

The solution we have available right is dedicated for no touch screens. We had to think how to present all the important incidents and statistics, plus key H2H comparisons and the current form of teams or players. Everything in one place, in one view, without any hidden places you need to click on, to get to something. Just take a seat, relax, watch the game live, read it well and then do it!, place a bet! Following the rest of the game after that would make the experience so much more pleasant, but you may know that feeling already?

Perfect solution for betting shops owners

Our SSBT solution is a perfect tool for betting shops owners. These days the rivalry between bookmakers is very big with huge competition just around the corner and making a bold and brave move is something that will help you win. Technology, perfect design and high quality statistics delivered in real-time is what we do, it’s what we are best at.

You can make a coffee now, have a look at the design below and imagine your logo and your company colours in place of those you see. It’s not so far from being a reality. Just contact us and your job is done, we will do the rest!



Let’s finish with a little spoiler. This view you can see above is already available and provides all the necessary information to get someone engaged, but we wouldn’t be ourselves if we didn’t set the bar higher, would we? That’s why this solution will be upgraded, there will be more features depending on the sports chosen by users. I will not disclose our plans just yet as I need to keep some surprises for next time, but believe me – our SSBT live beast is coming!