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3 tips that every sport website needs to follow

So you run your sports website and now you would like to see the numbers go up. No matter if this is the number of unique users, clicks or the time visitors spend on your page – you expect all of these numbers to remain on a constant rise. Let us share with you some of the best practices we have learnt over the years that will allow STATSCORE to help you stay on the right path.


We know it, you know it – basically everyone does, but when it comes to this practice, your looking at one of the toughest demand. How to provide unique and fresh content to keep the users coming back day after day, and not only on match-days, but between games too. An obvious way is to hire a team of top journalists to write editorials and bring information directly from dressing rooms – something die-hard fans would always wait for.

This may sound like a great idea, but at the same time it costs a lot of money and would probably exceed the budget for the whole project. These days, when lots of news items go viral so easily and are then open to be shared by anyone else, for free! The cost will never return the effects you’re looking for.


This is why it makes sense to think about a more cost effective move. You could consider displaying STATSCORE’s dedicated LeagueCenter. What is LeagueCenter? It is a powerful competition platform that provides all the schedules, results, livescores, tables and in-depth statistics for the competitions that are important to you.

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When the big games are coming, every type of medium is used to win over the attention of sports fans by offering something that others don’t have. It’s really hard to distinguish between your competitors, when they are all writing about things outside of sport e.g. what person has this car, who kids like this drink, what club were so and so thrown out of. Why not give this crazy race for the most irrelevant gossips a miss? And focus on good old fashioned sport again!


With STATCORE’s PrematchCenter, you can provide your users with detailed information before an event starts. The data is related only to the core sports information that the fans need, want and are interested in before games start. Whether they want to understand it better or just place a bet, they can connect to head to head comparisons, tables, streaks, hints and much more. All available in one customizable widget that can be placed along side a preview or even used, as a stand alone solution.

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OK – so we get to match-day, the day when everyone is fighting for the attention of fans. You are in competition with clubs, league organizers, broadcasters, radio stations and literally hundreds of sports websites. What do you have on your site to give you an advantage? Well, we don’t know the answer for now, but we can tell you what you could have in just few clicks: STATSCORE’s powerful LivematchPro widget! An amazing live sports tracker!


LivematchPro brings the game closer to the fans than it has ever been before. With great animations for every event, it allows users to experience events in a format that was not available to them before. WOW – just literally WOW.

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