World Cup is a team work!

We are one week into the World Cup in Russia, but I’ve been waiting with this post to see what impact the product has had and how pleased our clients are with the results. Huge relief as we have received a lot of kind words and appreciation for all the hard work that has been done. It was a challenge for us from the very beginning, but I believe we did a hell of a job and from my side, many thanks to every single employee of STATSCORE, because our CupCenter solution is a perfect example of a team work!


Editors Team took care of all the data and they are still keeping an eye on everything so it’s 100% correct after every game played. The Scouts Team is the most active right now as we have decided to relay World Cup games in much more detail. Our LivematchPro trackers implemented in CupCenter are delivering personal stats in real time! There’s a big game tonight with Argentina facing Croatia. What if you want to have a look at the Statistics tab during the game and compare Messi with Mandžukić in the 60th minute? You can do that now and our scouts will be working hard and delivering precise stats. Great work thus far in both teams. Keep it up!

See an example from a recent Portugal vs Spain match:


In recent weeks our IT Team, both back-end and front-end have fought with time to deliver all the goods, and they did it! Just two days before the first kick off in Moscow. Quite an entrance I would say! Have a look here what they delivered. Lots of statistics with both a basic and advanced option, divided into three sections: per competition, per team and per individual player. It’s extremely hard to write about, you have got to see it. Spectacular job!

Check Advanced Statistics from World Cup 2018 here!

Stats.jpgIt’s not only about the depth of the stats, but also how they are presented. A huge amount of work has been done in recent months by our Creative Team. Large numbers of statistics delivered only as a raw data is not an easy thing to process. The guys have given the statistics an accessible structure and a pleasant look. Maybe it’s even a case of soul 🙂 Hats off, well done guys!


Let’s not forget about our HR Team that brought us together and let us work side by side. Our team work begins in the HR office.

Last but not least. Big words of appreciation to our Customer Success Team that inspired our clients with a vision they understood and trusted us with, knowing back then that the final product was not ready yet. Great job guys! Client’s trust is actually what motivated us the most. Everything we created was intended to make them feel more than satisfied with the product and happy they made the decision to depend on us.

This is what we do here, we care and we help our partners achieve their business goals. I started with this and will end the same way. Many thanks to every single member of our company. Great job!

P.S. The World Cup is already on, but the new season will soon be upon us. You can order similar solution for the competition you wish to display for your users. Don’t hesitate to contact us as we are here to help. This product has quite a few more features that we would be happy to tell you about.

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