Kickstarting football betting engagement with AI-powered BetBooster. Here’s how it works!

STATSCORE BetBooster has been designed to boost user engagement and drive more wagers with AI-powered actionable hints that redirect directly to betslips. Let’s explore how this unique solution can revolutionize your sportsbook by providing awesomely-visualized insights for the world’s most beloved game – football.

AI-powered football insights to drive betting decisions

From final score to number of corner kicks, and from both teams to score to Asian handicaps, STATSCORE BetBooster leverages AI to ignite passion and guide betting choices

But most importantly, it drives bettors to engage more deeply with sportsbooks’ offers through smartly integrated betslips.

How does BetBooster for football work in practice?

One of the most engaging ways in which football hints can be displayed is through their integration with live match tracker.

In this case, BetBooster will be showing insights on a slider throughout the game, and when a specific event happens (e.g. goal is scored), a relevant hint will appear on the field visualization.

Let’s take a closer look at videos showcasing two key betting markets 1×2 and Next Goal.

  • 1X2 

data on previous match outcomes help bettors gain the confidence to make strategic choices when predicting match winners. 

  • Next goal

contextual tips displayed after one of the teams scores a goal, igniting fresh betting opportunities.

Other key betting markets available with on-field hint visualizations:

  • Under/Over Goals 

Newfound insights on teams’ scoring and conceding patterns amplify the thrill of predicting whether a match will be a high-scoring affair or a defensive battle.

  • Both Teams to Score 

Data related to this market adds a layer of excitement to the prediction of whether both teams will find the back of the net. 

  • Asian Handicap 

With handicap suggestions based on team performance encourages users to expand their horizons in football betting.

  • Double Chance

Increasing winning probabilities through this type of two-in-one bet is one of the strategies employed by bettors.

  • Under/Over: number of Corners/Cards/Offsides

Predicting score and number of goals is one thing, but sportsbooks need to engage users with other types of under/over markets too, STATSCORE BetBooster’s insights make it easier than ever before!.

  • First Team to Score 

Assessment of attacking prowess and recent form adds an extra dimension to the prediction of which team will score first. 

and there’s more!

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Unlocking global accessibility with BetBooster

BetBooster stands out as a multilingual solution, offering support in a wide array of languages including Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, English, Finnish, French, Georgian, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Latvian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. This expansive linguistic coverage ensures accessibility and inclusivity for users worldwide. 

Moreover, BetBooster is highly customizable, with flexible display options such as customizable colors and fonts tailored to match the unique design requirements of individual projects. 

Whether utilized as a standalone tool or integrated within LivematchPro and PrematchPro, BetBooster adapts seamlessly to diverse contexts.

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