CupCenter’24 – meet STATSCORE’s flagship tournament platform for European Championship

As the European Football Championship 2024 approaches, STATSCORE presents a suite of tools designed to boost profitability for sportsbooks and sports media. Among these is CupCenter, the flagship football competition platform, which gathers all types of live and pre-game data on the tournament in one place. Moreover, the offering includes innovative AI-powered engagement tools like PointsInPlay, ensuring an unparalleled level fan engagement and retention!

CupCenter: elevating European Championship to new heights

CupCenter, STATSCORE’s all-encompassing platform, revolutionizes football tournament coverage

Providing the ultimate football competition platform, it covers all live action and stats, enhancing the fan experience, boosting traffic, elevating user engagement and retention!

The data includes:

  • live coverage of the games, 
  • scores and statistics, 
  • player data,
  • H2H comparisons, 
  • standings, 
  • venue information, 

and more! 

Everything your bettors, fans and visitors could ever need to know about the event!

Integrated with BetBooster’s betting hints, this solution has been designed to engage and entertain sports fans, and keep them on your website! 

Moreover, with attractive advertising spaces and social media integration, CupCenter keeps fans engaged and entertained throughout the football European Championship.

Key benefits of this solution:

  • Enhances your betting revenues through advanced data and integration with betting hints.
  • Amplifies viewership of your media coverage of the Championship.
  • Keeps fans and visitors engaged and entertained.
  • Maximize profits with appealing advertising spaces.
  • Boosts traffic on your website and prevents visitors from leaving to look for key data elsewhere!

CupCenter is available in 30+ global languages, including English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, and Korean. The product’s wide customization options include the ability to modify elements such as logos, icons, fonts, colours, sizes, background colour or background pictures.

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PointsInPlay – AI-powered gamification tool to boost fan engagement

As anticipation mounts for the upcoming tournament, sportsbooks and media outlets are in search of innovative strategies to captivate audiences and optimize revenue streams. Enter PointsInPlay, STATSCORE’s groundbreaking AI-powered gamification platform. This revolutionary solution not only captures audience interest but also fosters unparalleled engagement.

Understanding the pivotal role of user retention and loyalty in the fiercely competitive sports industry, PointsInPlay empowers companies to implement compelling rewards systems, promotions, and exclusive incentives.

How Does PointsInPlay Revolutionize the European Championship 2024 Experience?

PointsInPlay challenges football enthusiasts and bettors with pre-match and live trivia questions tailored to upcoming and ongoing matches.

During pre-match periods, these quizzes serve as potent tools to pique audience interest, driving excitement for the game and inspiring betting activity

But the thrill doesn’t end there. PointsInPlay keeps the excitement alive during live matches, offering real-time trivia questions that immerse users in the action.

For instance, in a gripping group-stage encounter between Spain and Croatia, users can expect contextual questions such as:

  • How many offsides will occur between the 10th and 20th minute?
  • Who will get the first yellow card in the game?
  • How many shots on target will Croatia have between the 50th and 60th minute?

Participants in these challenges can be ranked based on their accuracy, creating new opportunities for sportsbooks and media to enhance user retention and fostering loyalty through rewards.

Crucially, PointsInPlay seamlessly integrates with betslips, enabling sportsbooks to guide users from engaging trivia quizzes to placing wagers. 

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Stimulate increased betting activity through smoothly embedded redirections for both pre-match and live offers. Recognize and reward top performers to ignite engagement, cultivate loyalty, and elevate your turnover.

This innovative feature enhances the user experience, bridging the gap between entertainment and action. Check it out now!