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MLB season on the way

Here we go! 28th March – it’s a date marked on every baseball fan’s calendar. Why? Because today is the day! The official start of the regular season in Major League Baseball. The league is following suit from 2018, meaning all 30 teams will play a game on this day. Who is the favourite to win the World Series? Which teams can surprise? Which player signed a record-breaking deal in the off-season? STATSCORE will give you some interesting facts.


2,430 games. A lot, right? But that is exactly the number of games we will have over the season. It’s worth adding that for the first time MLB is going to Europe! A two-game series between New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox will be played in London. Both teams are among the absolute favourites to win the World Series so we can expect some great baseball in England.

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Other candidates to win the trophy are – Houston Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers. These four teams are the favourites to win the title on every bookmakers’ page.


But in sport anything can happen, right? There are at least two teams that can surprise. Philadelphia Phillies and Cleveland Indians. The first has one of the best all-around rosters. Adding former NL MVP – Bryce Harper for a record $330,000,000 – on a 13-year deal that will help them for sure.

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The second team – Cleveland Indians enter the new year as a heavy favourite for the Central League once again, anchored by the superstar infield duo of Francisco Lindor and José Ramírez, and a stacked rotation fronted by Corey Kluber, Trevor Bauer and Carlos Carrasco.

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