Increase your prematch turnover!

You all know our fantastic LivematchPro sports tracker that generates visualizations enriched with incidents and stats that are collected in real-time. A solution most people in the business recognize as the best on the market. We are very happy about this however, we have never stopped inventing new solutions to satisfy both current and potential clients. A bit of a preface, so let’s get to the point. We are very proud to announce an absolutely unique product on the market that provides all the necessary information you will ever want before a sporting event get started. Would you like to know everything about a game hours or even days before kick off? This product is dedicated for you!

Dedicated prematch solution for bookmakers

The Prematch Center is obviously a product directed mainly at bookmakers and sportsbook providers, however we see no boundaries here. It can be used by any company and any individual from around the world who want to seek statistics and interesting information about a sporting event.


This product supplies detailed league standings, form tables and much more. Go through the latest results and fixtures, have a look at the top scorers, most assists or cards standings. Browse detailed statistics concerning both the competition and the  event itself. You will find in-depth H2H comparisons along with current team streaks. You will find a lot of important information that will either satisfy your curiosity or allow you to make an instant decision on which side, or what to bet on!

In the days of fast developing social media we are obviously up for the challenge. We simply do not want you to leave the Prematch Center tracker in order to search for either competition or team news, so you will find it all under the specially prepared Twitter tab.


Source of prematch tips and hints

What we are probably most proud of are the hints. We provide these for a big range of sporting events. Our huge historical database spits out lots of useful tips and facts about the teams, their current disposition, but also what recent history has dealt them. Our system is designed to provide you with all you need before making those crucial decisions.

As we wrote at the beginning, this is a unique product that is created to stimulate people to remain on a website for much longer. It will do this by providing them with all the tools they need to make a bet even before an event starts. Get standings, statistics, H2H comparisons, social media, hints! In one place? Yes! we have made that dream a reality.

To sum up, a real game changer. EVERY sporting event in our database that has yet to be played gets to have a Prematch Center tracker! Hundreds, thousands of events with no exceptions!

You can get more information obout this product on our Prematch Center Product Page or check our Prematch Center LIVE DEMO

At STATSCORE we always aim high and this will never change.