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How we customize our minisites and widgets for you: PrematchPro

PrematchPro (previous PrematchCenter) is perfectly tailored to be attractive for many different kinds of customers including sportsbook providers, bookmakers, sport portals and even independent users. You can make plenty of choices yourself and customize the tracker for your needs with a help of our Creative Team.


We have two versions of trackers to pick from and whether you chose the first or the second one, there are great benefits, but please note there are some size limits to be aware of.

Version 1 – NATURAL

These trackers are perceived by our clients as a bit more fresh and colourful.

Size limits:

  • 320px – minimum width no matter what the sport is (the trackers will not be visible below this value)
  • 458px – minimum height (if “hints” feature is offered, it would increase the height by 44px)
Please note:
All the height values above are set for a full tracker with all the components. At these values we are sure all sports will work perfectly. We may try to adapt a tracker to be a bit shorter in height, however this is not guaranteed and we may say no if the requested height difference is to big and causes problems.

As you can see this kind of a tracker requires a bit more space in terms of the height with all the components above to be seen (header and hints). It doesn’t mean though you can’t have a Natural tracker with a shorter than minimal height. However in this situation your decision would require removing a component like the header for example.

An example of how a client uses it:

Version 2 – LITE

More modern and elegant requiring less space to be implemented.

Size limits:

  • 320px – minimum width no matter what the sport is (the trackers will not be visible below this value)
  • 315px – minimum height (if “hints” feature is offered, it would increase the height by 35px)

This kind of a tracker is perfectly suited for clients that want to add it as an addition, but not over shadow what they already have. The tabs, the icons, the fonts are tailored to fit less impressive size spaces and this is why the minimum limits here are set at a different level. You can still switch off the header or hints to make it even shorter.

An example of how a client uses it:

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Once you know whether you want to go with the Natural or Lite version, the next step is to pick a template that would simply suit you the best.

In order to do so just visit our PremtachPro demo site

In the right top corner there is a “Select template” option to let you know what configurations of the trackers are available .


Our trackers are made up of components and here we will write about what these components are responsible for. Be aware that it’s up to you if you want to have all of the components (full tracker option) or not (like e.g. Header).

HEADER (yellow border)

This is the space where you can read what teams (Celtic U20 – Ross County U20) or what events you watch in sport like Formula 1 (Bahrain Grand Prix).

The header section also provides:

  • competition name
  • starting date and time of a selected event
  • countdown counter till the start of the selected event
Please note:
The header alone can be used as a separate configuration (you may want to place the header in one place of the website and the rest of the tracker as a separate configuration in another place)

HINTS (red border)

This section provides interesting facts about the event. It’s provided for selected events only mostly in Soccer however the range of the facts and sports where it’s implemented grows all the time.

Please note:
Turning on hints option (default setting) results in height increase of a tracker. It means that for one event tracker can be higher than for the other one even in the same sport.

TABS (green border)

A clickable section where the user decides what content to watch during the live event by choosing a tab. Each tab provides different information, either one updated in real-time or some static stats about the competition in general. The tabs may differ depending on the sport and it is up to you whether you want them all to be shown (default setting) or not.

1. Team sports tabs (Soccer, Ice hockey, Baseball etc.):

  • H2H – direct comparison of two teams taking part in an event
  • Matches – results and fixtures in the competition selected teams take part in
  • Standings – full competition standings (including half time, home, away etc.)
  • Scorers – top scorers standings (if available)
  • Cards – cards standings (if available)
  • Statistics – section delivering the stats from the competition selected teams take part in
  • Twitter – social media plug in
  • Collapse/Expand – a tab that allows you to hide a tracker to give you more space (there are two options to collapse the tracker)
    • header + tabs are visible
    • only tabs are visible
Please note:
If the tab content is to big, a classic scroll appears. However on request we can set up an expander instead. All the tab content will be shown by using a single click and there will be no scroll. Please note that the expander option results in a significant height change of the tracker.

2. Multi participant sports (Formula 1, Ski jumping, Speedway etc.)

These sports may have some specially prepared tabs for each sport like Ranking tab etc.

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During the integration process our Creative Team will prepare a customized design for you. It’s going to be adjusted to your preferences, very often to the layout of an existing website.

We are able to change elements like: logos, fonts, colours, etc.


  1. Pick the tracker version
    • Natural
    • Lite
  2. Pick the template from
  3. Decide what components you wish to have (all components on default)
    • Header
    • Hints
    • Tabs
      • all tabs used (default setting per sport) or switch some off?
      • option for collapse/open tab
        • header + tabs are visible
        • only tabs are visible
      • scroll (default) or expander
  4. Once you have that all done our Creative Team will prepare a specially adapted project for your website’s fonts, colours, etc.
  5. We do the final job within a couple of days and then you can enjoy the trackers in use!