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Your feedback is priceless

Every company that produces, develops, constructs or are designing goodies for their customers, have to face their expectations. What do they want? What will be the most usable option? How will they use it? Will these features be useful? Will they expect this thing here or there?

Many questions, no answers…

Obviously, this is a normal situation and nothing strange.

There are plenty of ways to avoid some issues and there are many theories about what people think, how they look at a particular product or site, how they decide to buy and what’s the first thing they will notice.

Yes, of course, I agree with all of this, but this won’t always work. There are things more specific then your typical e-shop or news/company website/blog where everything looks seamless and people know (or can imagine) what they will see after a page has loaded.

“Menu on top or left, categories with drop-down lists, a big picture about the last post and below a list of previous posts” and this is what most people expect.
We can read all the books in the world about “what people think”, but we can never read exactly what they are thinking! We need to hear it.

For example

What are you expecting, when you turn on a sport’s event visualization? What do you want to see? What should it look like? What’s the most important thing for you? What statistics/details should be at the top, which of these should be available only in a special dedicated section? I don’t think there is a way to create an ultimate solution, that will be accepted by people all around the globe.

There is, of course, more important information like the Result or red and yellow cards in soccer. The question is… What do you want to get from
– “Venue info” ā€“ what depth of information do you wish to find here? Do you want to know who laid every brick? Or maybe the name of the architect is enough?
– “H2H comparison” – do you only want information about direct comparisons between two teams/players? Maybe this is not enough, maybe you want to know what’s the average number of shots on target, or the number of service aces a player has had,
– “Event Incident” section – Should there be all the incidents from an event? Like corners, cards, throw-ins, attack etc. Or just the most important ones? But who decides which ones are the most important?

Who you are and what do you want?

Many answers depend on someone’s point of view. When you just want to watch the game, maybe the most important thing will be the result or who scored, maybe you are not so interested in an in-depth level of statistics, you just want to know who won. If you’re placing bets on bookmaker websites then you may expect to have information about possession, lineups, cards… More details so you can analyze the possible result. When you are sport journalist, maybe you just want to have the possibility to compare 2 teams or players – their form, statistics, home/away results, possible lineups. There are many reasons why you might use a particular product. We try to satisfy all type of clients who may wish to use our solutions.

Every product needs to be upgraded continuously so it remains up to date and That’s why your feedback is priceless to us! We are developing products for you. Anyone who uses LivematchPro, PrematchPro, LeagueCenter or any other of our great solutions, is an important person to us.

As you can see, there are many questions that we try to resolve so we can deliver a solution that fits into your scheme. We are trying to help you by providing the best quality sports data along with the best front-end design and presentation, but with your help, we can achieve these goals quickly and smoothly while at the same time create something that will match your needs.

If you want to get in touch to find out more, pleaseĀ contact our Customer Success Team atĀ cst@statscore.comĀ or useĀ the LiveChat on our website, so we can schedule a call and discuss how we can help your organization!