How do we help?

How can you help Ukraine?

Across the world, people are looking for ways to help the victims of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Learn what you can do to provide support.

The Russian attack on Ukraine has forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes. The refugees are now trying to reach EU countries such as Poland and Romania. 

UE estimates that more than 360,000 have already left their homes in Ukraine, and the number could grow to over 4 million people if the fighting continues.

Here are some ways you can help them:

  • If you live far from Ukraine, the best way to help the refugees is to donate to charity organizations. Here are some verified charities that are helping Ukrainians:

International Rescue Committee,

The Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund by Global Giving,

Save the Children,

Razom for Ukraine,

International Committee of the Red Cross,

Other charities you can support include: World Help, Project HOPE, UNICEF, Direct Relief, GlobalGiving, Operation USA, International Medical Corps.

  • If you live in a European country bordering Ukraine, you can find all the necessary information on government websites.

Poland – click here for information from Polish government.

People in Poland and other neighbouring countries can help Ukrainians by providing them with places to stay, offering transport, or providing them with all the necessities they may need.

You can also make donations to verified organizations, such as or

There are also groups on social media, e.g. Facebook, where you can find information about help that is needed. Click here to see one of them. 

The government of Romania has also launched a special webpage. Click here to learn more.

What else can you do to help?

You can also consider taking a number of actions supporting Ukrainians, such as:

  • taking part in anti-war protests in your city,
  • expressing your solidarity with Ukraine, both in everyday interactions, as well as online,
  • encourage your country’s authorities to condemn the invasion.

Let’s not leave Ukraine alone at this difficult time!