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STATSCORE loves sport! Matt’s 50 years of sport

My name’s Matt and I work here at STATSCORE as a Customer Success Manager. I’ve been with the company for almost 3 years now and I often get asked what’s the best thing about working for STATSCORE? Well, the answer is that almost everyone here is a massive sports fan, and on top of that many take part, or have taken part in sport also.

Right now, we have people taking part in running, Skiing, playing Football, Tennis, American football, Table tennis, Ice Hockey and Volleyball. Oops, I nearly forgot about our Triathlete! And I’m sure that one or two of my colleagues tomorrow, will be saying, how could you forget I play this and I take part in that (sorry guys).

So, this is what I have in common with most of the people I work with. “Where do you differ?” I hear you say? Great question and the real point of this blog! The biggest difference is the age gap! Most of them are almost half my age. For me it’s like working at a kindergarten, and I’m sure for them, it’s like having Father-time sitting at the end of the table.

The thing working with a bunch of kids is, they see me as I am now. They forget that I have taken part in sport, and been a sports fan for longer than most of them have lived! Like many of them, I still like to keep fit and take part in sport, and yes, golf is a sport!!!! In fact, only a few weeks ago, I was hitting the squash courts.


Over the next few weeks I would like to share and talk about my experiences and opinions of what it’s been like, to be a fan and a participant of many different sports. To use a well know phase “These kids don’t know they’ve been born”, with their sports trackers, live streaming via internet, endless sports channels, satellite and cable TV, all in colour and HD! And if this wasn’t enough, the world we now live-in means that we can travel almost anywhere, just to be at the venue to watch a live sporting event, or follow our favourite teams.


I aim to give you a taste of what it was like, when we sat around a big, old, radio to listen to the boxing, or watched Wimbledon, on a small black and white TV. Played tennis with home made rackets and kicked a football about on empty roads, or up against the nearest wall. So please look out for the first blog where I will share with you, all the ups and downs of being a football supporter “come-on you blues” Chelsea! Chelsea! Chelsea!

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