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STATSCORE loves sport! Matt talks darts

Not too long ago, one of my colleagues, Artur, wrote a blog about dart statistics and the amount of prize money now involved in the game. Being one of the most played sports in the UK, and me Being English, it’s a sport that I’ve been a fan of and taken part in for over 35 years. In my late twenties and early 30’s I played for a couple of pub teams, but at a very good level. I even had a dartboard set up in my garden shed and put in a fair, few hours of practise. Those that know me, will know I’m not afraid to blow my own trumpet, and I can say that I’ve hit the magical, 180, a few times.

The game today

The game has come a long way as Artur, has pointed out. Back in the day, if you called darts a sport you would be laughed. The big names in the sport when I started playing, were the likes of the late, Eric Bristow, know as the “Crafty Cockney” along with John Lowe, Jocky Wilson and Keith Deller, just to name a few. These were followed by Raymond Van Barneveld and Phil “The Power” Taylor, who only retired recently, after winning the world title 16 times! The biggest name in darts at the moment, must be Michael Van Gervan.

The great match I’ve even seen

So after 35 years what’s the best game of darts I’ve ever seen? It has to be the 2007 PDC world championship final between Raymond Van Barneveld and Phil Taylor. It was a match that dart fans had been hoping for and was at last possible, after Barneveld’s switch from the BDO. That said, both had to make it to the final and they did. Once there, they produced the best game of darts I’ve ever seen, and being a big Taylor fan, I was cheering him on all the way, but alas, it was Ray who came out on top after being 3-0 and 5-3 down, he somehow pulled it back to 5-5, going on to win the final 7-6 after a sudden death play off. Their 3 dart averages for the final were 100.86 Taylor, 100.55 Barneveld. I still from time to time visit YouTube, just to re-watch and relive, one of the best sporting events I have ever experienced!

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