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EURO 2020 will bring a fortune to business

Four years ago, UEFA made €847 million net profit on EURO 2016, with the tournament generating total revenues of €1.92 billion. This year’s edition of the competition is going to be even more lucrative – not for the European football organisations, teams, and players, but also for the sponsors, suppliers, hotels, pubs, and bookmakers! Learn more with STATSCORE.

Football is a money-maker

The competition has come a long way during its history to satisfy the football-hungry fans! Back in 1980, there were just 8 countries participating, and four years ago it was expanded from 16 to 24 teams. This year’s tournament is growing in a new and more spectacular way, as for the first time it will be held in 12 cities from 12 UEFA countries – from Dublin to Baku, and from Saint Petersburg to Rome. It’s going to be a real feast for football fans!

Needless to say, each European football championship generates higher revenues than the previous one. France 2016 (€1,2 bn) brought 37% more than Ukraine/Poland 2012 (€1,4 bn) and EURO 2020 is shooting for €2,5 bn. Where does the UEFA’s revenue come from? Four years ago, 1.05 billion euros came from television rights, 480 million euros from sponsorship and licensing and 400 million euros from ticketing and hospitality.

Profits not just hotels and pubs

EURO 2016 provided a huge boost of €1.22 billion to the French economy, €596 million through the organization of the event and €625.8 million thanks to tourism – according to a study from the French Ministry of the City, Youth and Sports. More than 2.4 million fans attended matches at the 10 stadiums.

France welcomed 613,000 foreign visitors, who watched the games at stadiums and in fan zones. Each of them spent an average of €154 per day during his stay of eight days on average. Most of that money was spent on accommodation and eating out, which brought profits to French hotels, restaurants, and pubs. According to the study the tourism was given a 625,8 million euro boost!

French businesses that took part in the event also enjoyed longer-term profits, and the competition helped develop a greater recognition of the country and the host cities.

EURO 2020 – a chance for greater incomes for European businesses

The decision of UEFA to hold EURO 2020 in 12 cities in all parts of the continent will give enormous opportunities for businesses all over Europe.

The most dedicated fans of the most successful teams will be traveling a lot to see their teams at different stages of the competition, which will provide additional profits for airlines and travel agents.

Hotels, restaurants, and pubs in the host cities will be experiencing waves of customers and visitors during the tournament.

It’ll be a great boost to the host cities, as the visitors will have some time for cultural attractions and entertainment destinations.

EURO 2020 sponsors will again have a great chance to promote their brands and increase revenues.

Last but not least, this type of tournament will bolster fans’ willingness to bet on their favourite teams, which will bring additional money for the betting organisations.

High-profile sporting events such as EURO are exactly what betting organisations are looking forward to. It’s a great opportunity to sign up new customers and encourage them to place more bets by offering special promotions.

Bookmakers are already getting ready for this great event by employing platforms dedicated for football tournaments, such as STATSCORE’s CupCenter 2020!

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All in all, EURO 2020 is poised to become a new record-setting competition, both in terms of popularity, and income for European companies!

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