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Customer Success Story


Country: Poland   Partner type: Betting organization


The most successful punters are the ones, for whom sport is not a matter of choice. No – for them sport and their team are necessities! They breathe sport, they live sport, they wake up and go to bed thinking about their teams. This makes them the ones, who are experts, when it comes to betting. Why? This is an easy one: they care much more than the others about the data and they have the necessary experience.

Why not make it easier for them to connect their beloved team data access with betting? This is how the brave project started!

The story behind

Most of the punters face the same problem – they need to check in several places for the stats, which help them make the betting decisions. Then they switch to another website to make the bets. This process is time occupying and not a very user friendly. Especially for these, who prefer to follow one team and place mainly bets related to its performance. ForBET, who cares about the teams’ fans and sponsor many clubs, recognized this need long ago. The collaboration with STASTCORE, whose goal is to HELP the partners and their customers, started with solving this puzzle. Problems solving – this is what we like!

The idea

Once the main need for forBET and their users has been properly recognized, STATSCORE came up with an obvious solution: if all the fans are interested is their team first and only then the competition data, we should secure a platform that is all about a team! Brave, brilliant, risky, disputable?! – you may call this decision with many words. However from the very beginning we had a strong belief that only by providing a completely new and unprecedented project, we may win the fans attention. This is how the TeamCenter has been introduced.

I had an idea to help teams and their fans to collect the detailed team stats and present all information in one place – as a part of an existing club website. The statistics are updated in real time, so during the game you have the access to an unique in-play visualization allowing tracking what is happening on the pitch. This feature is irreplaceable. Especially, when you don’t have an access to the TV coverage. Our scout is always on the venue and deliver all necessary information within one second! We didn’t forget about team sponsors. We prepared a lot of spaces for them to place their ads – says Tomasz Myalski, STATSCORE CEO.

The project

Amid the STATSCORE TeamCenter key features, that made this project successful, we may name:

  • High quality stats for one team you all know many match centres but has any of this made it easy for you to find the team’s data? STATSCORE did our best to match this need with our platform.
  • Attractive visualizations – ooops, the match has started and you have no access to the coverage? No worries – with our innovative visualizations and the ball tracking the thrill of the game will be even stronger.
  • Place as you support – why divide this two arts: supporting and betting, while you may merge your hobbies? Fully integrated odds make it easier for you.
  • Responsive design which matches your device – with the TeamCenter you are not limited with your device and browser, as it will always display equally well.

The effect

ForBET offered their partners from the sponsored clubs fully working STATSCORE TeamCenters as an attractive addon to their websites. Customized to match the clubs’ graphical identities including the colours and logotypes, the mini-sites have become a crucial hints to make the fans come more often and stay for longer at the official webpages. Once they are added as a part of the website infrastructure, they easily fit the club’s communication, being an important stop during the every day’s supporters ‘digital’ walks.

Thanks to the TeamCenter any team can engage their fans and give them access to all team related statistics presented in one place. Team sponsors can promote their brands and achieve their business goals. I’m sure that TeamCenter will help thousands of sports enthusiasts around the world stay closer to their teams – concludes Tomasz Myalski…

Take a look:

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Progressive betting organization legally registered in Poland. What makes them different? ForBET not only regularly surprise its users with many innovative promotions but also they take care about investing in sports on the basis of their campaign ‘We Support Polish Sport’. Amid the clubs sponsored by forBET we may name Śląsk Wrocław, GKS Tychy, ŁKS Łódź and many more.


The first mini-site that is focused in 100% on one team. Its users can benefit from the full coverage of the team’s matches, stats, standings, squads and venue information. It is perfect as the second screen option allowing the full assistance while the match is being played. It also secures plenty of information pre-match and after the game was played.

Do not wait, check now how STATSCORE TeamCenter can help you!