Body language in business – Our hidden powers

Are you rather poker-faced or maybe people can read you like an open book? No matter how conscious of your body language you are, you have to admit that everybody has bad days where our emotions are stronger than our logic, our facial muscles totally disobey us and we grit our teeth as a tribute to evolution.

We are not robots. If we were, we could filter what we hear and take into account cultural differences, prejudices, ideas, our mood and many other factors. We would then end up with a pure message free of any distortion. We could also send a clear message with no untold stories we thought we heard or were invented by the person we were talking to.

Happily, we have our own very individual ways of communicating. This gives us all a big opportunity but also a big responsibility when we communicate with others because words are only a part of it. (This has been proved by many studies, let’s mention the most popular ones from Albert Mehrabian) Our messages are often understood quite differently than we intend. Why? Because we don’t know our hidden powers! 🙂


Have you ever listened to how you sound when talking? Generally, people don’t like to hear their own voices. Do you know how others perceive your voice?

  • Its loudness – maybe painful for others?
  • The speed you talk – maybe too fast? (the average rate of speech is around 150 words per minute! How fast are you while talking?)
  • Your intonation – maybe boring and monotonous?
  • The pitch of your voice – maybe too high?

There is no better method than to record yourself on your mobile, count and check…

Do you sound like someone who is credible and can convince others of your ideas? Or do you come across as someone who is just aggressive, stressed or even scared?


„The Tower”, „the American Figure 4 Leg Lock Position” „the mirroring” all mentioned by Allan Peace in his famous book „Body language” sound mysteriously but it’s just about knowing how nonverbal communication works.

One eyebrow up, smile, open hands are easy to interpret, but many others that aren’t so obvious but have surprisingly rich meaning.

”The power is in the palm of your hands” says Peace.


Arrogant or powerful? What do you want to communicate?

First, don’t take a defensive posture if you want to defend your arguments.

Putting your hands in your pockets? Only if it’s really cold outside!

Hands on hips? There is a fight in the air…

So, who’s playing the game? It’s very complex and complicated. Who will blink first?

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