Welcome to our building site!

Welcome to our building site! What are we building here? It’s not houses, block of flats, nor office buildings. We’re on a completely different mission here! Every day we come together to build the world’s biggest sports data center, where people can find scores and stats not just from football games, but also from a variety of less-popular sporting events held around the world. Achieving this ambitious goal is only possible through the efforts of the best specialists in the market. That’s who STATSCORE is looking for!

What are we building at STATSCORE?

A single place where everybody, be it sports fans and pundits, bookmakers and media outlets, or league and competition organisers, will have access to detailed data and statistics from all the sporting events – that’s exactly what we’re creating here at STATSCORE! It’s the place where everyone will find all the information about their team’s performance, schedules of the leagues they follow, details of the transfer of an admired player to another club, or the historical data on their national team’s performances in the World Cup competitions.

How do you create such an amazing thing? Well, it’s a bit like when you’re building a house. You will get the right results only if employ the most competent and best-qualified people.

Do you think you could be one of them? Do you have broad knowledge of sports which you could share with the rest of the world? Would you like to be part of a team whose goal it is to provide every fan in the world with the fastest access to the most reliable sports data?

A day in the life of STATSCORE’s data expert

While you’re reading this article, you might be wondering how it all looks like from the backstage. What is a day in the life of STATSCORE’s Data Department? Let’s lift the veil a bit and take a peek into our open space!

Our team is made up of professionals working in several different positions whose common aim is to deliver the highest-quality sports data, which is then used by media outlets – TV broadcasters, radio stations, websites. The data is also employed by betting organisations to properly set odds and quickly settle the bets.

We can divide our data into two categories. First, there’s the seasonal data, for which Heads of Sports are responsible. Then, we’ve got the match data, which is constantly tracked by Scout Quality Controllers, and Data Quality Controllers (DQCs). Let’s now focus on the work of the latter ones.

The first thing to do after coming to the office is to distribute the tasks. Of course, the volume of work to be done depends, to a large extent, on the number of sporting events held on that particular day. It’s not hard to guess that on weekends – when typical sport fans enjoy watching games at venues with their friends, spend time with their families, or watch games on the telly – DQCs are working harder than ever to quickly verify the correctness of data from various matches.

Hold on a sec! Today is your favourite league’s matchday too, so you sit down at your desk, and impatiently wait for the moment when you can add some points in the standings for your favourite team’s performance 😉 Though it’s sunny behind the window, your colleague who is responsible for controlling the work of scouts from all over the world informs you that he has just learnt that the whole round of tennis tournament in Birmingham has been suspended because of the pouring rain. What do you do? You don’t panic! You immediately change game statuses to postponed, so that every tennis fan will know – thanks to you! – that today there won’t be any significant changes to the ATP ranking.

After a moment, you’re back to verifying the results of English Premier League that just came in, then there’s the Russian KHL hockey league, and cricket games in Bangladesh (which can take several days to finish), or even the latest e-sport results.

More than a job – STATSCORE is a passion!

But wait a minute! When waking up today you had in your mind one more major sporting event on your schedule… That’s it! The second leg of the Office League of Table Football! Now is the right moment to take advantage of the short break. You talk to your colleagues from IT through SLACK to schedule the game, and in 10 minutes you and your partner manage to prove that the last time you played your rivals just had a lot of luck 😉

After the game, you get hold of the birthday cake brought to the office by one of the guys from another department. Sticking to your diet is one thing, but on the other hand you remember very well that today after the work you and your colleagues are playing a Business League’s football match against other company. Some carbs will do.

Yes, here at STATSCORE we’re not just fans. Many of us actively participate in sports. That’s why our company has its own basketball, and volleyball teams. For those who prefer individual sports, STATSCORE provides opportunities to compete in various disciplines available on the FITQBE platform. This solutions allows us to keep track of time spent at gym, count distance covered on bike, or simply monitor the number of steps we made during a day- and all our efforts translate into helping some of the charities supported by STATSCORE.

So… the cake is almost gone, and the real icing is that you can now verify the score of your favourite’s team game. You do it with quiet satisfaction, for it was your team’s victory – and not your next-desk colleague’s. You will be more than happy to write a post about that game on STATSCORE’s blog, where everyone can share some of their expertise.

Whew! As you can see, this job will not fit everybody. It’s certainly meant for those of us who love to start and end their days with sports, who are passionate and curious, who always want to learn more about new disciplines, stats, and all the exciting stuff from the world of sport.

If you want to become part of the STATSCORE team and help us in building the biggest sports data center in the world – just check the latest vacancies!

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