6 rules of the office savoir-vivre

What comes to your mind when you hear the words „savoir-vivre”? Court dance with deep bows? An infinite amount of cutlery? It means something more than just a rigid set of old-fashioned rules and behavioural patterns. Savoir-vivre begins where we occupy two (or more) parking spaces, when we let the pregnant woman wait for her turn at the ATM, when we miss the throw to the trash can…


If in the near future we are neither going to the ball, nor on a diplomatic journey, there is no need to adopt the rules of etiquette. But when we plan to spend another couple of months/years with our colleagues from STATSCORE for 8 hours a day, it would be better to take a look at the basics of savoir-vivre at work, that will make our hours in the office easier and a little more pleasant:

  1. Say „hello” and „goodbye”
  2. Don’t gossip at work
  3. Don’t be too loud
  4. Bring the the right meals to work (when you plan to take your favourite blue cheese – think twice 🙂
  5. Clean up after yourself
  6. Don’t text and email during the meetings


If we try to undestand literally the french meaning of savoir-vivre, we will have two verbs: „to know” and „to live” often translated as “good manners” or “the art of living”.
Savoir-vivre is a set of norms that allow us to function harmoniously in society.
On the one hand, there are duties and prohibitions, but on the other hand, a sense of securityand freedom to coexist at ease with other people.


Here we can directly refer to the non-verbal communication discussed earlier.
Thanks to the norms of savoir-vivre, we build relationships, we show our respect to our interlocutor by dressing properly for the meeting, by getting up when someone wants to greet us.


The more our career path develops, the more likely it is that sooner or later we will face situations where knowing the rules of savoir-vivre will help us to feel comfortable during business meetings.

Of course, perfect manners will not compensate a lack of knowledge and competence, but they can significantly affect the image we create and relations we build.

Knowing how to behave properly, we will be able to focus on the purpose of the meeting and not on thinking which place should we take or who should be greeted first.

Above all the other rules, there is the golden one – if we are not sure we should say „Hello” first, we can always remember that the nicer one greets the less polite one 😉

Do you know some useful rules to share? 🙂

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