The world of sport changes. A few years ago the differences between winning and losing teams were shown using only a small number of key statistics. Nowadays, lots of fans appreciate the access they have to detailed data and search for sources that enable them to compare teams and players. At STATSCORE we want to help! Let us present you the 5 key stats to follow in handball.

STATSCORE’s handball LeagueCenter is a product which delivers over 100 different match and season statistics about teams and their players. We are not only delivering the headline statistics like team squads, fixtures, league table and results.

So you can ask, ‘What kind of statistics are there and what kind of information do they provide? What else can we find there other than data on goals, assists or red and yellow cards?’. OK! Let’s lift the veil of secrecy! The following are just a few examples of the in-depth data we are collecting on your behalf.



The goalkeeper is a key player on all teams and they have a huge impact on the final result of a match. It is generally agreed these days that a good Goalkeeper’s save percentage in a match is around 35% (35% of opponent’s shots on target are saved by a goalkeeper).


In a match between PGE VIVE Kielce and Spójnia Gdynia (27/02/2018), the away team’s goalkeeper saved just about 16% of VIVE’s shots on target (7/43). There is no way that could have ended well. Spójnia lost 27:46.

Read more about the LeagueCenter for the Polish PGNiG Superliga.


This is one of the key indicators in handball. A large number of all turnovers allow the opponent to mount quick counter-attacks, which very often end with a goal.

In 2017’s World Cup, Chile lost the ball 16 times, which transformed into 8 goals for the Germany team (15/01/2017).


This statistic shows which players prefer an aggressive approach (Where referees give 2-minute penaltie suspensions to players who have committed a foul).

In 2017/2018 PGNIG Superliga’s season, the player that received the highest number of penalties was Paweł Grzelak from Azoty Puławy, who single-handedly earned 45 2-minutes suspensions in only 36 matches.


A characteristic of a team that shows in which part of the match they are more likely to score or concede the highest number of goals.

In the 2018 Champions League final between Nantes and Montpellier, the most significant impact on the game was made in the last 10 minutes, which rendered a result of 8:4 for Montpellier (the final score was 32-27 for the team from the south of France).


A high number of 9-meter throws indicates that a team has tall and strong-armed players who like to attack from distance.

Unfortunately, quantity does not always mean quality. In the final PGNiG Superliga match, Orlen Wisła Płock took advantage of only 7 out of 18 such throws and they lost the match against PGE VIVE Kielce 29:33

Not enough? Want to know even more?

* Which player had the highest number of wing goals in the last round?
* Which team often decides to play without a goalkeeper when playing short-handed?
* What is the average number of goals scored by a club in the first halve of their home matches?

You will find all this and much more in our LeagueCenter!

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