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Top 10 NBA teams that you need to pay attention to for the NBA 2019/20 season

  1. New Orleans Pelicans

The Pelicans won the lottery ticket this season. They managed to get the number 1 draft pick, which resulted in Zion Williamson being selected. He’s the most anticipated player in the drafts since LeBron James was selected as the number 1pick in 2003. They have lost Anthony Davis but signed three young, exciting players. Zion, Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram are all great prospects. If they get promotion to the play-offs, it will be a great success for them.

Projected lineup Projected record Last Seson record
C Derric Favors
PG Lonzo Ball
SG Jrue Holiday
SF Brandon Ingram
PF Zion Williamson
38-44 33-49
  1. Toronto Raptors

After losing players like the MVP of last season’s finals – Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green, other players will have to take over their job. Pascal Siakam will have to show 110% of his skills this year to prove that he can pull the team alone. Although he will have support in the form of veteran Kyle Lowry and two tall teammates – Gasol and Ibaka, it will be a big challenge to win the East Conference.

Projected lineup Projected record Last Seson record
C Marc Gasol
PG Kyle Lowry
SG Norman Powell
SF OG Anunoby
PF Pascal Siakam
45-37 58-24
  1. Brooklyn Nets

A huge revolution in Brooklyn. They signed two Allstar members – Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant (he will miss this season because of injury) along with front-court player DeAndre Jordan. This makes them a much better team than a season ago. The question is, will they get along with each other on the parquet? Kyrie brings a lot to the team, but can he blend in with the tactical schemes?

Projected lineup Projected record Make playoffs chance
C DeAndre Jordan
PG Kyrie Irving
SG Caris Levert
SF Joe Harris
PF Taurean Prince
43-41 42-40
  1. Boston Celtics

Many people were worried about the club from Boston after the transfers of Kyrie Irving and Al Horford. They signed Kemba Walker from Charlotte Hornets, and this gently calmed the mood of fans. Kemba can bring individually as much as Irving and what’s more, he should give more in the teamwork. He passes more and is a better playmaker than Kyrie. There is also a big possibility that he will better fit into Brad Stevens’ tactical schemes.

Projected lineup Projected record Make playoffs chance
C Enes Kanter
PG Kemba Walker
SG Jaylen Brown
SF Gordon Hayward
PF Jayson Tatum
46-42 49-33
  1. Dallas Mavericks

Kristaps’ signing and his cooperating with Doncic in preseason matches shows that this team will surprise even favored opponents. Properly supported by their veterans, they can go crazy with three-point throws and also under the basket it shouldn’t look any worse. It looks like it’s going to be a breakthrough season for Dallas. The team is well organized and the management of Mark Cuban is making a big impression.

Projected lineup Projected record Make playoffs chance
C Dwight Powell
PG Delon Wright
SG Luka Doncic
SF Maxi Kleber
PF Kristaps Porzingis
41-41 33-49
  1. Philadelphia 76ers

A lot of changes. The leaving of Jimmy Butler became a fact after he did not show his best often enough. Of course, he performed well in some games, but there was a lack of chemistry and stabilization in the team. This season support from Al Horford and Josh Richardson for sure will make Philly team very strong. They also have the tallest first squad in the whole league!

Projected lineup Projected record Make playoffs chance
C Joel Embiid
PG Ben Simmons
SG Josh Richardson
SF Tobias Harris
PF Al Horford
60-22 51-31
  1. Golden State Warriors

A lot of people are crossing out this team and saying that they have no chance to win the league. It’s not that sure. The Splash Brothers will always throw a series 3 points. It’s worth adding that D’Angelo Russel, has shown in the past what a creative player he is. It will be a very interesting mix, but with a few players lacking in centimetres, a little height may be missing.

Projected lineup Projected record Last Seson record
C Willie Cauley-Stein
PG Stephen Curry
SG D’Angelo Russell
SF Klay Thompson
PF Draymond Green
48-34 57-25
  1. Houston Rockets

It is one of the most controversial pairings in the NBA – Westbrook and Harden. Currently, hardly anyone imagines a situation where one passes the ball to the other. Russ is a triple-double man, Harden is a specialist of isolated action and points scoring. It’s an explosive mixture, but If it burns out, the league will be in trouble. Westbrook’s preseason appearances looked coarse. Maybe he will get better during the season and then games with these two will be a pleasure to watch.

Projected lineup Projected record Last Seson record
C Clint Capela
PG Russell Westbrook
SG James Harden
SF Eric Gordon
PF P.J Tucker
51-31 53-29
  1. Los Angeles Clippers

No one was idle in the club. They signed two big stars – Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. The Clippers have probably never had a stronger squad. They will have a big chance to become champions of the NBA, and this is not an exaggeration. They have squad depth, stars, height and defence. All of this coupled with the tactical genius of Doc Rivers makes the West Coast competition very exciting.

Projected lineup Projected record Last Seson record
C Ivan Zubac
PG Patrick Beverley
SG Landry Shamet
SF Kawhi Leonard
PF Paul George
54-28 48-34
  1. Los Angeles Lakers

Davis playing for the Lakers. It’s been spoken about since the second half of last season. Then hardly anyone believed it, but finally, it happened. LeBron and Davis – they will surely be the most dominating pair in the league. Height, field overview and the finishing of these two players will make the difference. They also completed the squad with task players and ex-stars of the NBA (Dwight Howard). But it has to be mentioned that they also lost Ingram. Fans of the LA Lakers are rubbing their hands together for their next match and looking forward to the whole season. This time, only the NBA championship matters!

Projected lineup Projected record Last Seson record
C JaVele McGee
PG Rajon Rondo
SG Danny Green
SF LeBron James
PF Anthony Davis
50-32 37-45

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