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The future of sports with the letter ‘E’ by STATSCORE

Sports disciplines are constantly evolving – currently amid the competitions at the Olympics you can find for example, BMX or surfing, which for many years were just forms of entertainment. A similar story might be shared by one of the most dynamically developing sports markets – computer games that have evolved into e-sport competitions. Why do they attract viewers’ attention?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


The most popular e-sport game in Europe and North America. It’s a team competition of five aside, one team takes the roll of ‘terrorists’ and the other ‘anti-terrorist’s. It is a first person shooter game, in which the two sides mentioned earlier, try to defeat each other by disarming / unplugging an explosive charge or just simply eliminating one another. This form of entertainment requires not only manual skills, but also requires, complex tactics and strategy – which means the result of the competition is unclear to the very end, and this is what keeps viewers watching in suspense.

League of Legends


The first game recognized as a full-fledged sport (from 2013), as well as the game that gathered 100 million viewers during last year’s World Cup! League of Legends (LoL) is a MOBA type game – a classic strategy on a virtual battlefield, again played out by teams of five, each of which has a different character assigned. The goal is most often to destroy the enemy’s main structure called “nexus”. Each game starts with weak units that gain new skills and experience over time. You might not know that for example, the famous German football club, Schalke 04 Gelsenkirchen have a team for LoL and the biggest market for this game is South Korea.

Dota 2


Dota 2 is the most profitable of e-sports – the prize pool in this year’s International competition exceeded 25 million dollars, and the winning OG team received as much as 11 million dollars! Like LoL, the game takes place in a closed arena and consists of two five player teams, one of which belongs to the Radiant fraction and the other to Dire. The rivalry involves destroying the base of your rivals, and the fortifications of both teams are connected by three paths where there are defence lines. The popularity of Dota 2 can also be proven by the fact that Paris Saint Germain formed a team this year. Its composition is dominated by the Chinese, who are the leading players in the world for this e-sport.

STATSCORE always set out to meet the expectations of customers, so statistics from all three of these e-sports have been made available in our SportsAPI feed.

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