STATSCORE’s StatsWidgets vs LivematchPro and PrematchPro. Let’s check out the differences

So you may have heard that STATSCORE has released a brand new set of sports widgets named StatsWidgets but you still wonder what is the main difference between them and the well-known and successful products: LivematchPro and PrematchPro. Let us guide you by answering a couple of questions that could have arisen in your agenda.

Are these products the same?

Certainly not. While the idea of LivematchPro and PrematchPro remains unchanged, as it is to provide the full, extended widget for both: live and upcoming events, StatsWidgets offer a rather selected set of data for a chosen area to boost the interest in the sports events and competitions.

So, in the first case, the purpose is to offer extensive access to the data for sports events, while in the latter, the goal is to provide a quick look at one area of data related to matches or whole tournaments. In other words – LivematchPro and PrematchPro remain three-dish dinners plus a dessert, while each of the StatsWidgets separately offers a sweet doughnut. Tasty and fast to eat.

What kind of StatsWidgets are offered?

Thanks for asking, Pal. We have the following types of StatsWidgets in stock for you:

  • LIVEBAR flat bar displaying the latest incident for a chosen game allowing a user to be well informed before they open the bigger widget


  • H2H classic team versus team comparison to boost the pregame bets.


  • INCIDENTS – base play-by-play info from a live game.


  • STATS – deep stats delivered from a single game.


  • SCOREBOARD – the result and key info for a chosen game.


  • STANDINGS – yes, we love them all – the tables!

  • LINEUPS – so desired overview of the starting squads and substitutes the punters always look for.

Why should I choose StatsWidgets?

Another great question. We are glad you put it here! The answer is as simple as the idea behind StatsWidgets. We developed them to allow you to make your work easier and to give your users more data presented in a comfortable and friendly way. The first one is obtained by providing you with small and deeply customizable widgets that you can build on your own with a simple online tool, so your work on internal development is limited to embedding the ready-made solution within your existing ecosystem.

We know that it is a kind of information you need to provide anyway so why invest so much into inhouse development as the existing and proven tool is here on hand? Then there is the second goal: make sure that your users get all the data they need, when they need it, and in the way they need it to be served. Well, StatsWidgets. What else can we say?

How easy is it to customize StatsWidgets?

A lot / extremely / totally – choose your own answer after testing it. We made sure to create a product configurator to allow you to be the one behind the wheel. All you need to do is sit comfortably, take a sip of coffee and choose the type of widget you wish and then configure the colours, fonts, and decide what is seen and what you prefer to keep hidden. It is as simple as it could have only been.

Another good news is that both – the new versions of LivematchPro and PrematchPro are now backed with the same online configurator that you can use to create your own template of the products!

For whom were StatsWidgets created?

You might know that STATSCORE has been a longtime betting industry provider of raw sports data including live scouting from the venues and perfect front-end solutions. Nothing has changed in this area but we wanted to come up also with something that media websites could exercise to increase their traffic and satisfy the users. StatsWidgets are pretty and simple to be used by casual sports fans (not only the die-hard data ultras!) who want to get the easy answer for basic questions, not the rocket science explained with numbers.

Is there anything that STATSCORE offers with LivematchPro and PrematchPro but does not put into StatsWidgets?

Yes. Let’s imagine that both LivematchPro and PrematchPro are two birthday cakes. StatsWidgets are nice, big slices of them. They offer something that you can find within these top two and beyond but they do not get to the complexity of merging all the data into a longer story. While LivematchPro and PrematchPro primary goal remain to be the ultimate source of the data and stats for punters, StatsWidgets purpose is simple: give the short answer for a short question.

And another ‘yes’. There is a second difference. The beautiful 2D/3D animation of a live event remains an unrivalled characteristic of LivematchPro as it won’t be offered amid StatsWidgets. The reason behind this decision is that we want to give you a choice: if you prefer to keep the users engaged with a single event longer and deeper you choose LivematchPro and if you want them to get the basic info and not stay at a single event screen too long StatsWidgets will provide the immediate help.

Online configurator
Number of sports 17 20 14
Live 2D/3D animations
Live scoreboard
Extended stats for a single event
Full support
Multiple tabs


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