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STATSCORE’s eye on handball part 8: Extraliga

Every team in the Slovak Handball Extraliga has now played 8 matches. Lots of surprises, an unexpected leader, 5 teams which stand out. In the 8th round only the Slovak champions and last season’s runner-up won home matches. What else happened ? Let’s have a look at the key stats for the league, for whom STATSCORE is the official data provider.

Tatran Presov – Sport Nove Zamky 30:29 (15:14)

This match was played a few days before the other 8th round matches, because of Tatran’s planned Champions League clash. In the match against Sport Nove Zamky, we could only name three Tatran player’s who also played three days later against Sporting CP.

That’s why the league game was really tough, but finally the home team won 30:29. For Nove Zamky it’s a really good result. Especially when we look at the H2H. Last season Tatran won in Presov 48:18 (!). The last Nove Zamky win against the Slovak Champions? 20th of April, 2011 (29:28).


TJ Strojar Malacky – Sporta Hlohovec 30:33 (14:15)

For the 8th time in the 2017/18 season, we had a league match in which over 60 goals were scored. Both Strojar Malacky and Sporta Hlohovec, showed really good offensive skills, but it was Stefan Kelemen’s players, who added the 2 points in the league table.

Strojar scored 30 goals for the second time in a row, but they have still not won any points this Extraliga season. It looks like their offense finally works, but defence? It’s hard to win a match when you lose 22 balls in 60 minutes. C’mon guys!

Sporta Hlohovec’s best player in this match was Tomas Mazar, who scored 8 goals and had few really important assists. His team won their second league match in 3 days (after winning against Slovan Modra) and have 6 points, as many as the 6th and 7th teams in the league table (Piestany and SKP Bratislava).


Slovan Modra – MSK Povazska Bystricva 21:34 (9:20)

10th minute – 1:8, 20th minute – 3:14. Slovan Modra’s players want to forget about the beginning of the match against MSK Povazska Bystrica. Their play looked disastrously. Their coach had to try and change the outcome of the match by making lots of substitutions.


Eventually, the team from the west of Slovakia scored 21 goals, while their opponents put the ball in the net, 13 times more.

Only 35 shots on target, 13 missed throws, 43,8 % throws efficiency – with these statistics, it’s impossible to win a match.

6 Simon Mahac’s goals in this match gave him the league top scorer position (64 goals in 8 matches so far). His team won their 9th league match in a row against Slovan Modra.

HK Agro Topolcany – MHK Piestany 31:25 (13:13)

In their 7th round match HK Agro Topolcany players lost an away match against Povazska Bystrica, by 10 goals (32:22). This time they wanted to show their fans that it was just a bad day and they still belong in the top-4 of the league table.

Their rivals on this day were MHK Piestany, a team which haven’t won a single match since the 2nd round (Piestany – Presov 34:31).

There was no surprises. Topolcany won 31:25, but the away team tried hard to resist in the first half. Main reason why last season’s league finalist won by 6 goals was down to goalkeeper efficiency. Marek Javorcek saved 34% of the opponent’s throws, while Piestany’s Michal Melus, saved only 10 out of 41 throws from Topolcany (24%).


SKP Bratislava – HKM Sala 22:30 (12:16)

After first lost point in 7th round against Piestany, HKM Sala won next league match. This time they were better than SKP Bratislava. Team from Sala is still the league’s leader and even if they lose next game against last season runner-up HK Agro Topolcany, they will keep the 1-st position.

HKM Sala players were better in most of the key statistics :

* Shots on target 33:41
* Total shots 47:51
* Throws efficiency – 46,8% – 56,8%


They also lost 5 balls less than their opponents.

Team from the capital of Slovakia won just one of four last home league matches and now they are on 7th place in league standings (6 points).

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