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STATSCORE’s eye on handball part 6: Extraliga

After the 6th round of the Slovak Handball Extraliga, there’s not much change – one team with six wins and one with six losses. Additionally, four team with eight points and four with two league losses in a row. What else can we tell you about the last five matches played this season? Let’s see more about the league for whom STATSCORE is the Official Data Partner.

Sala – Povazska Bystrica 34:33 (18:16)

This team is on fire! Sala won the game against Povazska Bystrica and is still the only team in the league that’s won all their matches. But make no mistake! This was a tough game – they conceeded over 30 goals, for the first time this season.

Six minutes before the end it was 34:29 for the host team, then Povazska Bystrica scored 4 goals in a row, but on this day, it was all a single goal short. You moved up a gear too late, guys.

In Povazska Bystrica league matches, teams are scoring the highest number of goals – 63.7 average per match (382 in 6 matches). One of players – Martin Briatka, has scored 13 penalty goals this season and that gives him first place in the standings for goals, scored from 7 meters.


Strojar Malacky – Tatran Presov 26:32 (12:17)

Tatran Presov are finally playing league matches in the way their fans expects. This time they won an away match vs Strojar Malacky, by 6 goals. For Presov it’s their third league win in a row, while Strojar lost their sixth match of the season.

What’s really interesting, is Tatran’s top scorer in the league is in 18th place in the top-scorers table (Roman Tsarapkin scored 15 goals). How do we explain this? Tatran also plays Champions League and SEHA matches. Some players are rested in the league matches.

You asked who is the top scorer in the whole league? It’s Anur Burnazović from Strojar – 51 goals – it’s 37% of all his team’s goals!


SKP Bratislava – Piestany 28:22 (15:10)

The team from the capital of Slovakia won their 6th round league match against Piestany. The main character of this match was the host’s Jakub Prokop, who scored 7 goals out of the 10 throws he made.

SKP Bratislava play very good defence. In all league matches this season they have conceded 151 goals (average 25,2 per match) and this is the second best result in Extraliga.


Piestany didn’t get a win for the fourth time in a row (after two wins at the beginning of the season). What is their biggest problem? They’ve had only 262 throws in all matches – no throw, no score…

Slovan Modra – Start Nove Zamky 21:30 (9:15)

11 missed throws, 13 throws saved by the opposition’s goalkeepers – Slovan Modra had no chance in the match against Start Nove Zamky. They scored only 21 goals – the least in a home match this season.

For Start Nove Zamky it is the first win in an away match for the 2017/2018 Extraliga season and they are now one of four teams that have 8 points in league table. Their player, Matus Kocak, together with Matus Jurikovic, from Slovan Modra, are 2-minute suspension leaders – they have been penalised by referees 7 times this season.


Topolcany – Sporta Hlohovec 33:26 (16:10)

No surprise in Topolcany. The home team won their league match against Sporta Hlohovec for the seventh time in a row (last Hlohovec’s win was in February 2017) and for the fourth time in a row they scored at least 30 goals against this rival.


The best player on the field was Erik Zilincik who scored 8 goals with 100% efficiency. After this match Topolcany are in 3rd place in league table with 8 points scored.

What about Sporta? They still haven’t won a match this season (two away draws and four losses). Their top scorer – Daniel Kyvala (41 goals) has just 49.4% efficiency – this means that almost half of his throws, didn’t finish in the back of the net!

In the next round, there’s a big chance for their first win. Hlohovec will play a home match against Slovan Modra – a team that has only 1 league point more than them.

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