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STATSCORE’e eye on handball part 5: PGNiG Superliga

After the 5th round of the 2018/2019 PGNiG Superliga’s season, we have a trio of teams that have not lost a game. Just 4 out the of 14 teams have won more than half of their matches in regular time – also 4 teams haven’t won an away match yet. Let’s look at what happened last week in Poland’s top handball league – PGNiG Superliga for whom STATSCORE is the official data partner.


Yes, it really happens! A team can score only 24 goals and still win the game. Well you can if you score 24 goals in each half and that’s exactly what VIVE Kielce did!  Pogoń Szczecin had no chances against the best Polish team in the league and lost by 19 goals!

So who was the last team to put the ball in the net at least 48 times? Yeah, the answer is very easy – Vive Kielce, during the 2014/2015 season. In fact they did it twice – both times against Zagłębie Lubin (48:25 in Lubin and 48:34 in Hala Legionów). Talant Dujszebajev’s team were just 3 goals away from their own league record of goals scored in a single match – on 3th of March, 2011 they beat GSPR GorzówWielkopolski 51:29!

Pogoń’s goalkeepers? We really don’t know what to say about their performance. Their save ratio? Less than 10% !!! (Marcin Teterycz – 3 saves out of the 28 throws on target that he faced, Marek Bartosik 2/24). In the 54th minute it was even worse, only 4,4%!!!! (2/45) Come on, guys, are you serious?! Look at your rival’s goalkeeper – Filip Ivić has saved 41 throws in 5 matches (league’s leader).

It was Arkadiusz Moryto, best game since his transfer from Zagłębie Lubin – the winger scored 9 goals with 90% accurate.

Paweł Krupa has tried to beat a rival’s goalkeeper 59 times this season (he’s scored 32 goals)

Interesting fact? All of Vive’s players (except the goalkeepers) have scored at least one goal!

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Górnik Zabrze won their fourth match of the season. This time they beat MMTS Kwidzyn 30:21 and after the 5th round they are in 4th position in league table.

The home team was better form the beginning and controlled the game very well.

Sebastian Zapora was the player of the match. Górnik’s goalkeeper, who replaced Mateusz Kornecki in 14th minute, saved 11 of his opponent’s shots, including 3 penalty shots (saving 41% of shots on target) and at the moment he is the league’s best goalkeeper (40 % of shots saved and 7 out of 10 penalties saved).

Górnik has the highest penalty shots scored percentage in league – 88,2 % (15/17)

MMTS Kwidzyn lost their second league match in a row. In the 6th round they will have big chance to change the tide. They will play against Arka Gdynia – the only team who haven’t scored a point yet. Let Elvis sign for them – It’s now or never…



It was the Michał Daszek show in Opole! Wisła Płock’s right-winger scored 14 goals in the match against Gwardia Opole. He dominated the game, totally – 88% success rate, 7 penalty goals, 4 goals from the right wing – Rafał Kuptel’s players, just couldn’t handle him on this particular day.

In 8th minute it was 5:4 for home team. From there, Wisła changed up a gear and proved who was the better team.

When was the last time Gwardia lost by at least 13 goals? On 6th of December 2013 – 21:43 against Vive Kielce.

Despite the lose, Patryk Mauer, is still the best penalty shot executor in the league – he has scored 12 out of 13 7-meter shots this season. On the other side, Orlen Wisła Płock, is the team who’ve had the most penalty shots, in just 4 matches they’ve had – 27.



Let’s get ready to rumble! Fans, who came to the Hala Mielec, wondered if it was a handball match or a night of boxing. Stal Mielec’s and Zagłębie Lubin’s players between them, got 23 2-minute suspensions in total (12 – home team, 11 – away team). This isa  very rare situation in handball and let’s say it straight – we don’t want to see these kind of matches. After the 4th round, Stal Mielec has the highest number of suspensions – 35.

Stal won their first match of the season, but their style isn’t impressive. They had 9 missed shots , 22% accuracy from 9-meter throws and also missed 3 penalty shots. Fortunately for them, Zagłębie really played below their regular standard.

Zagłębie’s goalkeepers have the highest save percentage in the whole league – 35,08%. They’ve also saved the highest number of throws in their first 4 matches – 67.

It was Stal’s first league win against Zagłębie since 17th of October 2015. Before this Lubin had won the previous 5 matches between the two teams.



On 15th of March 2017, Meble Wójcik Elbląg beat Piotrkowianin Piotrków Trybunalski 16:14. Since then almost 350 league matches have been played and in all of them, the home team has scored more than 16 goals.

This situation changed last weekend. The match against Azoty Puławy, was a nightmare for the team from Gdańsk. They were worse team in all departments and for sure they will want to forget what happened at home this week. It looked like a disaster movie!

The only player who tried to pick up the gauntlet was Paweł Salacz. He scored almost half of his team goals ( 7 ).

7 goals were also scored by Azoty’s Marko Panić, who is the league top scorer at the moment – he has found the back of the net 33 times so far this season. He’s also scored the highest number of goals beyond the 9-meter line – 22.

It is worth mentioning that the last time Wybrzeże won a home league match against Azoty-Puławy, was almost 10 years ago (November 2008).



Chrobry Głogów and MKS Kalisz. both halves ended with identical results – 11:12 for away team.

Zbigniew Kwiatkowski, MKS Kalisz’s pivot, got his 8th 2-minute suspension in this match (he is co-leader for this statistic, along with Orlen Wisła Płock’s Dan-Emil Racotea and Igor Zabić). He’s also had 5 yellow cards, which is also the highest number in league (Mateusz Wróbel from Wybrzeże Gdańsk, is also on 5 yellow cards).

What else is interesting? Michał Drej has missed 6 penalty throws in the first four matches. Focus, Michał!

The home team lost its 4th league match in a row. In the match against MKS Kalisz, only 2 out of 6 fast attacks ended with a goal. Maybe it is worth playing a little bit slower?



35 league matches behind us so far this season. In only 3 of them were 70 or more goals scored. Two of these were matches that involved  in VIVE Kielce. The last time was this match between Arka Gdynia and Piotrkowianin Piotrków Trybunalski.

Arka Gdynia scored 33 goals and lost the home match – This is the first time this has happened in their history.

Mateusz Zimakowski is the first goalkeeper this season to be penalised by the referee with a 2-minute suspension.

What was the key to this match?

* Goalkeeper’s percentages – Marcin Schodowski and Damian Procho saved 15 throws for a 31 % figure, while Arka’s goalkeepers had 18 % (8 saves)

* Throw percentages ended – 74% to 61% for Piotrków.


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