STATSCORE Team keeps learning – a glimpse into our employees’ development

Developing the skills of employees is currently indispensable in every organization. The contemporary business world is characterized by rapid technological and market changes. Companies that fail to keep up with progress may lose competitiveness. Moreover, when employees observe the organization’s commitment to their development, it ignites a heightened sense of engagement and motivation, leading to amplified satisfaction and unwavering loyalty.

STATSCORE is well aware of this, and that’s why we support numerous developmental initiatives for its team. Starting from the opportunity to participate in industry conferences, facilitating the exchange of experiences and inspiration for introducing innovations and optimizing processes. Here, team members have the choice to attend events as participants or as speakers. Both options were utilized this year during events such as PHPCon, 4Developers, InfoShare Dev, and I Love Business & HR. 

Each team member can choose from various forms of education as part of their professional development. This includes mentoring from more experienced colleagues, external training, online courses, webinars, or even multi-day team workshops like the “Product Management Academy”.

Every year, STATSCORE offers internal training sessions for the entire team, with some tailored for selected groups like managers or those involved in specific company processes. These sessions cover not only specialized knowledge but also soft skills, including:

  • communication in a distributed environment, inter-team communication with a focus on Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and feedback delivery.
  • color personality types, assigning tasks, building teams, and adjusting communication.

The team also learns about the best practices in vital company processes such as recruitment, onboarding, and offboarding.

We thrive in our environment because:

  • we have the opportunity to enhance competencies during working hours, setting quarterly and annual self-development goals;
  • every position in the organization has a career path that enables competency building and advancement;
  • we have proactive managers who care about their teams;
  • annually, we prepare a training budget available to everyone;
  • we offer a package of 22 benefits, including a library with the latest books in various fields, English language lessons with a native speaker, and access to a language platform.

We wish for continuous development, and inspiration to broaden our horizons, acquire new areas of knowledge, and pursue passions. May we all have the strength, motivation, and perseverance to achieve our goals and dreams in 2024!