ScoutsFeed – ultimate data directly from the heart of sports!

Are you looking for a reliable source of fast and accurate sports data? Look no further! STATSCORE’s ScoutsFeed will provide you with the fastest data collected by the top scouts covering thousands of events in East Asia, Europe, South America, and North America!

What makes ScoutsFeed a must-have for betting companies?

ScoutsFeed delivers top-quality live data from experienced teams of scouts with a latency of less than one second, enabling bookmakers to expand their live betting offering and keep users engaged all day and night. 

Moreover, it provides unique live betting schedules with events that other providers may not have, allowing you to provide your users with something special, including less popular leagues, new exciting competitions, and emerging leagues.

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No wonder that this outstanding solution has already been selected by numerous betting companies worldwide and TV broadcasters who require live data during their coverage!

What are the benefits of employing ScoutsFeed?

ScoutsFeed can translate into better revenues for your business, as users are more willing to bet on many different teams in competitions where there are no obvious favorites or frontrunners. Historical data is also available to create better odds.

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In the nutshell, ScoutsFeed means:

  • Ultrafast and reliable sports data feed for live odds creation.
  • Data delivered directly from venues and/or low-latency TV scouting.
  • Ability to maximise your profits and gain a competitive edge.
  • Expansion of live betting offer with coverage from East Asia to South America.
  • Outstanding live betting schedule, including events that other providers may not have in their offer.
  • Top coverage of multiple sports, including basketball, handball, ice hockey, volleyball, and futsal, as well as historical data for creating better odds.
  • Wide range of games and competitions with no obvious favorites or frontrunners, leading to more diverse betting and potential revenue increase.

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