ScoutsFeed: 1,000 Scouts paving the way to sportsbook brilliance with world’s top sports data!

With an extensive network of 1,000 scouts and an impressive 30% expansion in coverage, STATSCORE’s ScoutsFeed delivers 10,000 LIVE events per month, allowing you to diversify and expand your sportsbook like never before!

  • STATSCORE’s ScoutsFeed keeps growing with 1,000 Scouts operating worldwide.
  • In October, ScoutsFeed featured a total of 10,000 events, with a significant emphasis on football (soccer), basketball, tennis, and ice hockey.
  • Precise live sports data coverage is delivered to sportsbooks within 1 second from venues, as well as via low-latency TV sources.
  • Coverage includes in-depth analytics from top football leagues, advanced NBA statistics, and expanding cricket data.


Diversify your offer with ScoutsFeed’s 10 major sports 

Need to extend your offer to attract more users and generate revenues? STATSCORE’s ScoutsFeed brings you real-time sports data coverage across 10 major sports: football (soccer), basketball, cricket, tennis, American football, baseball, volleyball, ice hockey, handball, and futsal.

Moreover, this unique product delivers live data from all over the world. From Asia and Europe to South and North America – with ScoutsFeed’s wide offer, betting businesses always have games to offer to their users!

STATSCORE’s data feeds provide sportsbooks with a great way to create better and more flexible live odds for the most followed sports, and help them elevate their services with STATSCORE’s exclusive data supplied for multiple leagues and competitions.


Lightning-fast data delivered in 1 second from venues 

ScoutsFeed provides fast, precise, and reliable sports data feeds collected directly at the venues or through low-latency TV by teams of highly-trained scouts. 

This speedy platform guarantees instant data delivery right after collection, with venue feed clocking in up to 1 second – ensuring you’re always ahead of the game!

Get access to exclusive data from multiple competitions

Being the authorized data provider for several leagues, STATSCORE holds the exclusive status as the in-stadia live data collector and distributor for competitions such as:

  • Fortuna Polish Cup,
  • Women’s Orlen Ekstraliga,
  • Men’s eWinner 2. Liga,
  • Lotto Superliga (tennis),
  • Fogo Futsal Ekstraklasa,
  • Orlen Superliga (handball). 

Getting access to ScoutsFeed means expanding sportsbook offerings with a number of rapidly developing competitions designed to set you apart from the crowd!

Continuously expanding coverage – from football to cricket

STATSCORE’s data coverage keeps growing all the time – getting both wider and deeper into the analytics. This includes:

  • in-depth player data from top football leagues (Champions League, LaLiga, Bundesliga, Serie A, and more!)
  • advanced team and player stats from NBA (points, blocks, rebounds, assists, etc.) 
  • growing cricket coverage (including Indian Premier League, and World Cup)
  • increased number of events from vibrant LatAm and Asia competitions,
  • growing focus on American sports from baseball’s hits and runs to football’s passes and touchdowns!


Ultra-fast live scouting data



Unlock the full potential of ScoutsFeed

In a world of sports betting, where data is king, ScoutsFeed reigns supreme, providing a turbocharged journey into the fast, accurate, and reliable play-by-play LIVE sports data

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