Player comparison on a detailed level!

Long time no see, but do not be mislead! We have done quite a lot, but I will let you evaluate it. As you know, this season is our debut into the Polish handball’s top division PGNiG Superliga, with an extremely detailed level of stats and we have not said the last word on this just yet. We have just finished quite a big deployment of new features in our ScoreFrame League module for all our partners.

Comparison handball players

As well as a couple of optimizing upgrades, from now on you can compare player’s stats from the current season and learn whether they are better or worse than a selected opponent. You can even compare players from the same team! You may not be familiar with the positions and make a mistake by comparing a goalkeeper with a field player, but don’t worry about that, the stats will be shown correctly anyway.


That is not all, our STATISTICS tab got an injection of even more stats. We have implemented a BASIC/ADVANCED button to give you the opportunity of having a look at a deeper statistic mode for both the OVERALL and TEAMS sub tabs. It took us a lot of work but we are very pleased about what we have achieved. A lot of interesting data to learn about.


You have probably noticed as well that there are tables with stats just under the TEAMS sub tab as well. We wanted to give fans the chance to sort only the players from their beloved team.


Believe it or not, we are still working on the module. You have heard this a couple of times before, but I can’t help myself, so here it is again… There is more to come!

There has to be, because we all know what event is approaching very fast and we will be ready with a module on a sky high level. Mark my words – STATSCORE’s Russia 2018 World Cup module will be spectacular. Would you be interested in having one yourself? Ask our Customer Success Team for free 2-weeks trial of CupCenter now!