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How to make money with sports data?

It’s hard to imagine the world of sports today without advanced statistical and data solutions. When applied properly, such data can provide an extraordinary competitive advantage to clubs and players, but it’s also indispensable for competition organizers, bookmakers, broadcasters and media outlets. How can all of them earn money with sports data? Let’s find out with STATSCORE!

1. How do sports clubs and leagues earn money on data?

Sports data is used on many levels by teams and their players.  The number of passes made, or distance covered by a player during a match? Nobody’s surprised that such information is easily available today, and it is widely used to improve performance. Players’ heart rates and body temperature? There are advanced trackers for that, too. But that’s not all…

Sports clubs and leagues have found much more sophisticated ways to earn money with sports data solutions, such as TeamCenter and LeagueCenter. These refined minisites, filled with relevant and up-to-date statistics (from the team’s current squad to H2H comparisons against rival teams, to live match data and standings) bring fans closer to their teams and competitions.

In fact, they allow clubs and leagues to win more fans, increase traffic on their websites, provide more engaging content, and visualise their games in an entertaining way. And with growing traffic and popularity among fans, new sponsors and advertisers appear!

Collaboration with official data providers gives competitions full control over their data, which allows them to increase financial profits from the data (that can be employed by media, betting companies and sponsors). Competitions that can control their official data also have the ability to offer visually attractive content that boosts the value of the league’s TV rights. And that’s just some of the benefits…

2. How do betting companies use advanced sports data?

Sports betting without data? It’s just impossible to imagine! You could, in fact, argue that betting is all about data – from creating relevant odds for thousands of games across tens of discipline,s to engaging bettors with reliable pre-game statistics, to fuelling players’ engagement with live trackers.

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Sports widgets, such as STATSCORE’s PrematchPro, allow bookmakers to stimulate their users with exhaustive and up-to-date statistics before the game starts. With all the relevant data at arm’s length, they are ready and willing to place more pre-match bets! But that’s, of course, not the end.

Real-time betting is what many bettors love most! Still, in order to wager, they need to feel that they are following what’s happening on the field (or court, etc). If they can get trustworthy data from bookmakers, they’re ready to bet. Needless to say, more bets mean more money for bookmakers. That’s how accurate and fast sports data becomes a real goldmine for betting companies!

3. How are broadcasters and media using sports data to boost incomes?

Broadcasters, sports websites, online news services… there’s so much sports news out there for fans and followers. So what can they do to make them choose their website instead of the competition?

It’s not enough to have a well-written coverage of the events anymore. It’s even not enough to present video clips of the games.

What media outlets and broadcasters need are comprehensive and attractive sports data visualisations, sports trackers, and infographics that will allow their viewers to understand the game even better thanks to the access to the most relevant and accurate data.

With the highest-quality sports data and visualisations, media outlets and news websites are able to attract and entertain more visitors, which in turn, translates into greater turnovers!

4. How can sports fans earn money on sports data?

Getting paid for watching your favourite teams’ play? That’s possible – and not just for the world’s top sports reporters or photographers.

Sports data is created and delivered by real people following live events. And of course, they’re not doing it for free!

Professional teams of scouts are covering games at venues around the world to provide media outlets, broadcasters, clubs, leagues, and betting companies with the most valuable live stats and data.

That’s exactly where the data of the world’s biggest sports centre, STATSCORE, comes from, and if you’re a sports fan, we think you could consider joining us – and earn your share from sports data!

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