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FIFA U-20 World Cup pre-match analysis – Day 4


Poland – Tahiti

Venue: Stadion Miejski Widzewa Łódź

This will be the match between the two teams that lost their first match in this group and didn’t score a goal between them. The tournament hosts played really poorly in their match against Colombia. During the 90 minutes, they had just 3 shot attempts! It really couldn’t end well and 0:2 was a fair result. They have to win their next game against Tahiti if they want to advance to 1/8 finals.

The Tahiti players confirmed that they are the weakest team in this tournament.  They only lost by three goals against Senegal, but this number should have been much bigger (their rivals had 25 shot attempts). Every time they play, their main goal is to enjoy every minute of the game.

It will be the first clash between these two teams and should end with an easy win for Poland.

STATSCORE prediction: Poland – Tahiti: 1

Senegal – Colombia

Venue: Arena Lublin

Amadou Sagna was the star of the first round match in group A. He scored a hat-trick and his first goal is the fastest goal in the history of the competition ( in 10 seconds). Senegal didn’t show everything they have against Tahiti but their second match will be much more difficult to win.

Their rivals, Colombia won their game against Poland and made a really good impression. Los Cafeteros brought their own energy and showed that they want to achieve success in this tournament.

Senegal faced Colombia in FIFA’s U-20 World Cup, in New Zealand 2015. The match finished in a draw 1:1.

It’s really hard to predict the result of this match. Both teams are able to get three points and take a step closer to 1/8 finals.

STATSCORE prediction: Senegal – Colombia: X

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Mexico – Japan

Venue: Stadion Miejski, Gdynia

Losing the match against Italy was a big disappointment for the Mexican team. They had more shots on target than their rivals (7-5), they also had the advantage in ball possession (54% – 46%) but ended the match with no point in the group table.

Their rival from Asia started with a draw against Ecuador and looking at the course of the game, it was a very good result (Ecuador were the better team in this match).

It’s the third match between these two teams in the U-20 World Championships. In 1979 it’s ended with draw 1:1.  20 years later Japan won 2:0

STATSCORE prediction: Mexico – Japan: 1


Ecuador – Italy

Venue: Stadion im. Zdzisława Krzyszkowiaka, Bydgoszcz

Italian players want to win their second match against Ecuador and become the first team to ensure promotion to the 1/8 finals. In their first match, they show their domination only for the first 20 minutes, then they started to make a lot of mistakes, but thanks to Luca Ranieri’s goal they got the three points.

La Tricolor are really dissatisfied after their first match ended in a draw and for sure they will want to prove that they are able to play better and advance to the next stage.

These two teams have never played against each other in the history of the U-20 World Championships.

STATSCORE prediction: Ecuador – Italy: 2



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