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FIFA U-20 World Cup pre-match analysis – Day 3


France – Saudi Arabia

Venue: Stadion Miejski, Gdynia

France will not play with their strongest squad but this should not be a hindrance for success. A wide group of high-quality players make the choices easier for the coach. Anyway, we will see a lot of players who play for the first teams of their clubs. They should provide us with a dose of good football.

The Saudi Arabia team cannot boast players from such strong top-class clubs. All of them play in their national league. Despite this, they are the current U-19 Champions of Asia and what’s more  – they are distinguished by their unpredictability. It is also worth pointing out that it’s Ramadan to the 4th of June. This could cause some problems for the Arabian players’ form.

Finally, France should have three points after this match. They should be too big a challenge for the Champions of Asia.

STATSCORE prediction: France – Saudi Arabia: 1

Panama – Mali

Venue: Stadion im. Zdzisława Krzyszkowiaka, Bydgdoszcz

Neither of these teams are among the favorites for this tournament. It’s true that the Mail team are the current Champion of Africa but the huge problems with the national league and a very small colony of players in foreign leagues could ruin any hope they have.

The Panama team played very attractive, offensive football in qualification. They have not lost a match in the last 8 they have played! Now they will have the opportunity to improve their results from U-20 World Cups (0 wins, 3 draws, 12 losses). It won’t be easy because they have the Champions of Africa, Asia and a very strong France in their group.

STATSCORE prediction: draw

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Argentina – Republic of South Africa

Venue: Stadion Miejski, Tychy

Argentina has a very rich history in U-20 World Cup tournaments. They have collected a lot of team and individual awards in the past. Now their players are hoping to continue these good traditions. There is lots of talent in the squad and despite that, almost every player is from the national league, but a significant number of them are getting ready for transfers to bigger European leagues in the near future.

It’s one thing to enjoy trophies and individual awards and another thing to just enjoy participating in the tournament. The South Africa people are happy with being part of the tournament for the second time in a row. This testifies to the expectations and plans for the team. Every point and goal will be celebrated.

STATSCORE prediction: Argentina win.


Portugal – Republic of South Korea

Venue: Stadion Miejski, Bielsko-Biała

The generation of Portugal players from 1999 is called ‘The Golden Generation’ and not by accident. When you look at the squad for this tournament, you will see players from big clubs on the list. Of course, the majority of the team comes from the Top 3 Portuguese clubs (FC Porto, Benfica and Sporting) but it is filled with players from the biggest European leagues – the English Premier League and the Italian Serie A.

The Korean team is based mainly on national club players. There are a few players from Europe like Lee Kang-in, from Valencia CF or Kim Hyun-woo, from Dinamo Zagreb, but there is not one key player in the squad – Jeong Woo-yeong from Bayern Munich. This could be a considerable weakness.

The Portuguese team is one of the big favorites to win the whole tournament. They won the U-17 and U-19 European Championships. Time for more global awards? The Korean team is very brave but they did not have any luck in the World Cup draw. Portugal and Argentina will be big challenges for them.

STATSCORE prediction: Portugal win


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