Autobooking is comming

In the last two weeks our team has worked hard to improve how you book events in ScoutsFeed. Now it is possible to book all competitions with only one click!

Please let me explain how it works. In the menu on the left hand side we have added a new tab – autobooking. By using the available filters, it is easy to find the events you are interested in. Next step is to select by checkboxes the sport events you want and then accept them with a floppy disk. And that is all! There is no need to select each individual event from the complete list.

Along with this new feature, we have added one more sport, yes it’s true! We will now cover matches for beach volleyball. Below you will see what the trader’s view looks like.


There were also a couple of smaller but useful improvements:

  • the ability to check the number of purchased games on the events list from the beginning of the month
  • faster activity stream loading

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