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3 wonderful Darts stats that you might not know

Darts is often called a pub sport, but in recent years it has developed amazingly. The most important competitions, now attract participators from over 50 countries, and the prize money pool at the next World Championships, will amount to as much as 2.5 million pounds! Do you realize what statistics play the most important role in this game? Here are three that are key for success!

180 THROWS (TON 80)


The most effective and impressive way of scoring in a single visit to the board, is to place all 3 darts in the “Treble 20 bed”. This gives a score of “180”, also known as a maximum and is not a simple task, but in the final of the 2017 World Championships, it was achieved 42 times! Gary Anderson hit 22 and Michael van Gerwen 20. Anderson also hit 71 maximums in whole tournament. In SportsAPI you will always find the exact number for these stats – use them wisely.



The quickest way to end a leg, is to score as many points as possible, with the fewest number of darts thrown – it’s a cliché, but this is what the 3 dart average shows us. It is not always a guarantee of success, but it significantly increases the chance of achieving it. The official world record for this statistic belongs to Michael van Gerwen, who achieved an average score of 123.40 points for every three 3 darts thrown over eight legs in a meeting with Michael Smith! You can see all the action for the darts using SportsAPI and who knows, maybe a new record is somewhere on the horizon.


Show me your doubles percentage and I will tell you if you will win. Even scoring a high average will not give you the win if you can’t finish a leg by hitting a double. The current champion of the world, Rob Cross, had to win 101 legs to earn the title – his success percentage at hitting the double was as high as 44.5%! This means that on average the Englishman needed only 2 darts to hit the target every time a double was needed!

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