You like it narrow or wide?

Long awaited Responsive ScoreFrame has arrived! Last month cost us a lot of work on this project but we have it finished and from now on you can enjoy the benefits it brings! We have 4 main views depending on width of the monitor you are using.

Responsive ScoreFrame has arrived!

Our best is definitely the full three columns we are offering for some time now but these days tablets and mobiles are so popular with all the people living in hurry. We had to reach them.

The best way to show you how ScoreFrame may look like depending on the size is when we start with banner management and update on what is new there. We have created some extra slots and now as many as 15 are available to put an advert on! Url, script, upload or maybe text? Make your choice and pick a place on the website where to put what. Basing on that you can make your ScoreFrame look spectacular!On Desktop full size you will find all the slots visible for your users. On smaller sizes some slots are hidden that is why we prepared for you in our backoffice area all the explanation needed how the product reacts depending on the size.

New slots idea was to make some text adverts available to put them between the leagues in a day event list (slots 13 under 1 competition and 14 under fifth). Slot 15 is always on the bottom of that list. Number 5 is very interesting place in our opinion as visible no matter the size after clicking a pop up with a score of a chosen game. We wanted to give you a chance to add an advert visible in a smooth way on smaller devices. Lets not forget about slots 11 and 12 on the bands of a live event you may follow!



It would not be us if we said now – that is all. No, it is not and here is more. As you have probably noticed already we have changed the look of the middle list of events for each day. We found out that having all games at once made it work slower and reaching events from competitions starting with last letters of an alphabet (like Sweden f.e.) took simply to long for our ambitious standards.

Stats for most popular sport events

What we did is made Most popular section more special now and competitions from there will always be opened. The next thing is that if there are no Most popular events for a specific day we would open first 5 leagues while every other would be available to open by a simple click on an arrow on the right hand side.

Would you like to make your decision which competitions should be placed in Most popular section? It is done! It is up to you now. For each sport respectively you can add up to 10 leagues that for your users will be easier to access and always on top of the middle day events list. Make sure to put on first place competition you care about most.

Lets see an example to make it crystal clear. You can see on the picture on the left that 10 competitions have been chosen to make it to Most popular section for Soccer. That means a user can reach any of this leagues within just two easy clicks but also this set of competitions is being reflected on the middle list of events.

Liga I from Romania being on 1st place in Most popular has the same place in the middle event list and the games are opened if this league has at least one event to be played on a chosen day. LaLiga Santander, Ligue 1 and Bundesliga are also opened as they are all in Most popular section.

However Ligue 1 in Algeria is not there and that is why the list of events for this competition is closed. If you want to see games from this league just click the arrow on the right. This way you simply open up the most popular and give a chance for your users to open the competitions they are interested in, instead of being overwhelmed by tens or even hundreds of other events.

These are all new things we have prepared for you but be sure that we are only at the beginning of the road to make this product an absolute giant in the industry. ScoreFrame is getting bigger and better and we have a lot of ideas how to make it more complex, more user friendly and what is the most important – with a deeper and more precise sports data which is our number one target. Every day our hard working Sports Data Department add new competitions, seasons, teams, players and more. We are growing!

After responsive version being ready we continue our work on some great features that would make this product the one you would not imagine life without!

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