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You know you’re right! STS’s smart ways of attracting new customers

“You know you’re right. You can bet on it” – STS, the leading Polish bookmaker, and STATSCORE’s long-term partner, launched a smart marketing campaign that appeals to punters’ expertise and confidence that they are able to make accurate predictions.

Fans’ passion for sports, their understanding of the game, and their ability to place responsible bets – that’s what lies at the heart of STS’s marketing campaign, which has been successfully running across TV, digital channels and social media, as well as offline.

I knew they would equalise, I knew they would score, I knew they would win!

The words that we hear from fans in those ads evoke the agonistic aspect of betting, in the sense expounded by the French sociologist Roger Caillois. For Caillois agon, or competition, is the kind of play in which winner is the one who proves to have the greatest mastery, intelligence or expertise throughout the game (chess would be a good example here). This kind of play is the opposite of alea, which is a game whose outcome is left to sheer luck (e.g. slot machines, or dices).

At STS, we have always focused on people who are passionate about sport, which gives them sufficient skills to make good bets. That’s why in our new advertising campaign we put emphasis on punters’ competence and agency. It’s their expertise that allows them to enjoy their winnings – says Mateusz Juroszek, the CEO of STS.

This focus on, and respect for, fans’ and punters’ passion and brainpower – as opposed to encouraging random and irresponsible betting – is certainly one of the features that distinguish STS, which is the largest Polish betting organisation.

STS has also been investing in the most innovative cutting-edge technologies, including STATSCORE’s products, to engage its customers and provide them with the best experience.

If you want to get in touch to find out more, just contact our Customer Success Team at or use the LiveChat service on our website. We will be more than happy to schedule a call and discuss how STATSCORE’s services can help your organisation!

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